02 September, 2008

The 1st !

The 1st of September was spring and a beautiful day it was, we had 50mm of rain the day before and everything was given a good soaking. The paddocks will start to show their new green shoots the dams have been topped up our water tanks have been given an urgent top up. The mornings are getting lighter and the evenings getting longer I can't wait to be able to come home from work and head into the garden and potter around the yard

Another 1st is my daughter and son in-laws 1st wedding anniversary. They spent the weekend in the city they dined at the Centre Point Tower which they thoroughly enjoyed(http://www.todi-media.com/sydneycentrepointtower.php) and went to see the amazing Cirque du soleli
What a weekend to remember!

The kitchen is coming along, Dave took off the bathroom door which at present opens onto the kitchen but will be moved to another section of the house , I know it sounds strange but we are renovating as we live in this house. I remember a house we renovated once Dave was doing the bathroom and I used to work night shift and I came home late one night around 2am opened the bathroom door and nothing was there! No bath, toilet, vanity, shower and No floor . I felt like I just enter the twilight zone!!!! I just closed the door and went to bed!

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Twinville said...

Oh, your daughter is so beautiful. You must be so proud. What a special day for them.

Funny about the Twilight Zone bathroom. hehe

You just never know what you'll find when you come home during renovations. :D


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"