30 June, 2008

On Eagles Wings

The Wedge-Tailed Eagle

It is the largest raptor in Australia and is protected. A lanky bird, wing span 2.74m, hunts by high soaring flight, circling up on thermal air currants for hundreds of meters and sailing out over the country side. Sighting prey, it sweeps down onto it in a long, slanting swoop. Generally it preys on rabbit, wallabies, small kangaroo. Nearly all prey is taken on open ground and the eagle usually feeds where they capture their feed


Jess and I were driving to work/school this morning, singing and chatting when all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I see this Wedge-tailed Eagle on the side of the road starting to take off and because they are a huge bird it takes them time to get the momentum up to get up in the air. Anyway it was all too late because he just smashed into the front side of the car. Jess screamed her head off (she doesn't like birds) all I could see was this eagle looking at me through the windscreen and his wings covering the window. I braked hard and I dont think he was hurt too bad, I looked up in the rear vision mirror and I seen him reaching and landing in one of the tall trees. Thank goodness for the both of us the car was not damaged and the bird was ok.

I've seen the eagles quiet a few times now on the side of the road picking at a dead kangaroo, fox or rabbit but they usually see or hear me coming and usually get going pretty quickly. The farmers see them as pest because they take young lambs or prey on any sick or ailing sheep.

Isaiah 40:31

" but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength

They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary,

they will walk and not be faint"

Exodus 19:4

"You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you

on eagles' wings and brought you to myself "

18 June, 2008

Abbey! Abbey!

This morning I was rushing around doing my morning chores before work, I checked and fed the chickens gave them some stale bread treats from the local bakery, fed the horse and the lambs in the house paddock, usually when I do this I let my little dogs out and they run and play. Well this morning they pulled and tugged at the chicken pen door and opened it after I went back into the house and when I came back out Abbey had killed one of the baby chickens, wretched dog. The rooster was out also roaming around but thank goodness the other little chick was been protected by the other three hens.
Abbey is a lovely Maltese cross jack Russell dog but she has the instinct to run and chase things.
She loves to have her belly rubbed, especially when you are sitting on the lounge and you move your foot, she has to just mozzie on over there and play with your foot until you start rubbing her belly . She is always the last one to get out of bed and would stay in bed all day snuggled up if you let her but then she just loves to play fetch with a tennis ball and when it rains and she comes inside she will come to me straight away to get her feet and body rubbed dry with an old towel. I have made the door on the chicken pen more secure now and I suppose I'll rub Abbey's belly for her tonight!


Had a good day yesterday, after I read my "Daily Bread" Devotions in the morning, which was titled "Power Up" I felt re-charged on the Lords word and spiritually refreshed, I could take on the world. Tuesday I duck out from the shop to go to KYB (Know your Bible) . I meet with a group of ladies and have a wonderful time, sharing company,life and the word of God. We are studing Joshua at the moment and it has been very inspirational.

16 June, 2008

Pork Chops

This weekend has come and gone and life is lot busier at the moment while Dave recovers from his accident. I checked my veggie patch this morning and the weeds have started to grow from neglect, the caterpillars are having a feast on my caullies and cabbages. I was really hoping to extend my garden and put up my glasshouse we bought off ebay for $9.99, but I guess it will have to wait till Dave gets his cast off.

I have been thinking of doing a no dig garden, for my veggies and the new garden I want to put in the front yard. From memory I think you put down blood and bone, a layer of newspaper ( I can buy a bundle from the local newsagent's for $2) then a layer of lucerne hay (local farmer $5 a bale) the manure/compost (trailer load under the shearing shed) ,blood and bone, lucerne hay and a good layer of compost. I'll probable check on a few web sites for information but it sounds a lot cheaper and less painful doing it this way.
There are a few jobs I can't do that Dave normally does like get firewood but thank goodness for having good neighbours and the art of barttering (pork chops for firewood) and I still have at least 80kgs of pork in the freezer. Another job I have to accomplish is water supply, we use a 1000L drum for our washing machine and toilet water but this needs filling up and with the drought kicking back in again I have to get it from town. I travel to town everyday and when I need water I load up about 24 x 25lite drums and strap them on the ute, which is easy but it is the unloading of the full drums I have to empty into the large drum that is the problem. Maybe I can hand out a few more pork chops !!!!

14 June, 2008

What Happened







Last week I was having a nice day, Dave bought me lunch at work, then he went
and got a load of hay and on the way home he had a blurry moment and he crashed
the car, into a huge gum tree . Talk about counting your blessings because
God was looking over him that day, the car is a total right off and all he received
was a broken wrist. We live a fair way out of town and this was on one of the back
roads but there was a farmer working in his shed and he heard the loud bang and
was at the scene in no time. Dave spent 3days and 2nights in Dubbo hospital.
He will be in plaster for about 6 weeks. Our car was covered by insurance, thank
goodness so we have to now look for a new work vehicle. I know out of bad things
good things come to those who love the lord, so at the moment we are looking at a
new work truck, one that will give us more mileage, because we do an awful lot of
travelling for the business and just travelling to and from work everyday I would
do 700kms (I work 7days).
Apart from all that Dave is recovering well and my work load has doubled and my
veggie patch is suffering at the moment and I won't talk about the house work.
I was hoping to journal my everyday happenings but I will just have to do what I
can at the moment.

05 June, 2008

Here we go!

I have been thinking about this blog for a while, should I do lots of pictures,
should I tell lovely stories,should it be informative, do I want to sound
intelligent (and end up looking stupid)then I thought I should just get
into it and just write what happens in my day.Then I thought what if I
say too much or get too personal.Well I have decided to just start and
see what happens.My days are jammed packed with all sorts of weird and wonderful things and I know I will be jumping all over the place trying to
explain it and another thing,my head is jammed pack with useful information (and junk)and I can see myself with verbal diarrhea.I'm going to treat it
like a journal and commit to writing everyday whether it is interesting or

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"