29 April, 2010

Road Trip, Short Clip!

I had to go down to Sydney again this week and I thought I try and take a video of my early morning trip along the track that takes me to the main road, apart from feeling like Steve Irwin on a safari adventure my videos were not very good. The road is really bumpy and you would probably get car sick just looking at it but I did see a lot of kangaroos on my travels and I had a few jump right out in front of me. I did get a video from the start of my trip of a kangaroo that was standing on the track so I pulled up beside it and notice it had a bloody eye and a injured leg, I didn't know for sure how bad it was as it hopped behind a tree so I left it in peace and went on my way. I don't know for sure wether it had been in a fight or injured itself jumping over a fence or it had been hit by car. I have come across a few animals injured on the road and I usually call into a neighbour or a property close by and there usually is someone there with a gun so we can put them out of their misery, it really makes my sad when people know they have hit an animal yet drive off and leave it still alive laying in the middle of the road injured. I hope my video and post have not sadden you but I am sure this roo will be ok as long as he keeps away from the road.

24 April, 2010

Home is where the heart is!

I left early to go to Sydney on Thursday and hit the peak hour traffic of kangaroos, I didn't hit any but between the kangaroos, pot holes and early morning mist I was ducking and weaving. The morning was delicious as the mist sat in the valleys and it was beautiful to watch the sun rising.
This road (track) I drive on for about 20kms is really lovely and it has some beautiful views, I knew it wouldn't be long and I will be in thick of Sydney traffic and crazy people rushing to and fro.

No this is not the real Harbour Bridge it is a replica in a car yard,

The noise, traffic and the hustle and bustle of Sydney does not sit with me anymore and I sometimes can't wait to get out of there. My children live down here but hopefully in a few years they will find there way out to the country, but for now I don't mind the travelling as long as I have what awaits me at home.

As the sun was setting I was on my way home, the place where my hubby and heart is :)

The memory of traffic, smog, horns sounding and people rushing here and there are now distant as look to the horizon of my little village where my animals will greet me wide smiles and my hubby with a big cup of tea:)

21 April, 2010

Reno, Church, Haircut!

We finally knocked out the wall between the bedroom and lounge room and have opened this room up into one large room and it is looking fantastic (please excuse my dirty camera). There is so much more light coming into the house and the room looks so much bigger, we like the open plan look.

(dirty camera, sorry) We are going to build a TV/bookcase/cupboard space unit in that cavity on the left where you can just see a cupboard sticking out.

The wall is nearly down, we have to leave one stud there until Dave puts a beam across the top. We have started gyprock the walls and with the long weekend coming up we shall be putting the fire place back and more.

The Church is now moving really fast and everyday it is changing and becoming an exciting building. We have had so many people come along and have been so amazed how it is looking and what a fantastic building the community can have.

We have be putting in paths and laying turf, this building is coming alive and people are getting so excited, I am for sure.

Doors and windows are going in and the brick layers are starting, wait till I show you what is going between the two buildings at the back, it is amazing!

Oh! I had my hair cut yesterday and thought I stick it on here. I usually worry about getting my hair cut because I am never sure how I am going to look but my hair was really dry and straight and because it is thin it was looking terrible. I was really happy though when my hair bounced back with a curl :)

16 April, 2010

Everything is on HOLD but the chickens!

The work shop is at a stand still at the moment, the guys have been busy working at the Church
and now with day-light savings finishing there is no night work. I love it when work is going on in the shed and lovely pieces of furniture are been made plus the smell of all the different timbers and stains, it is wonderful.
This lovely chest of drawers just needs a few finishing touches then it is on its way. I think it will be another 6 weeks before full time production starts up again in our little shed, I really hope so!

With being away on and off for most of the year my chickens have been roaming free and producing babies, if you look closer there are two little ones being protected by these mums. I couldn't tell you off hand how many chickens I have at the moment (isn't that terrible) but they are all happy. One thing I do know is that I have 3 too many roosters and the time is drawing nearly near to deal with this matter :(

My roosters are lovely but two are already starting to have biffs. The one on the right is the big daddy and he has a son that is much like him in colour, the other two on the left are his also.

My Camellia tree is flowering and looking beautiful near our front door, I didn't want to show you a picture of the front door because the whole house is under construction and it is looking a mess. Is there anybody else out there who is doing renovations and feeling a little frustrated, I need a little pep talk!

15 April, 2010

Church Update!

Our new Church is progressing really well and there have been big changes every week. My eyes just get bigger and bigger when I go up there to take pictures, the three separate buildings are now coming together as one and it is looking fantastic. We have a main front building that will have a main office, meeting room, two smaller offices, a gift/book shop, toilets and showers, a commercial kitchen, cafe and seating area. The back building on the right will be the main Worship Hall with a huge stage area, two small rooms either side of the stage, a cry room and a area set up for sound and lighting. The other main building on the left will be the Junior Hall which will have storage and toilet/disable toilet. The most amazing thing with these two buildings is that they are separate but are joined by a walk way in the middle which will have a awing/shutter system overhead and their doors can be opened up wide allowing it to be one huge room.

This picture shows the two buildings and the above is the awning and the openings is where the doors will be, each building can hold about 250 people.

All the trade people and contractors have been working really well together (thank goodness) and the building is moving along in leaps and bounds.

It is amazing thinking back to the early stages of planning this Church on paper and now seeing it all unfolding and I am so excited thinking about when we finally get to move into our New Church and I know that there are people in our community who don't go to Church yet but are waiting for the Church to be finished so they can come.

13 April, 2010

Sheep and a Room with a View

The sheep are doing a really good job eating down those weeds, before you couldn't walk in there it was just a jungle, now at least I can get in there and start preparing the beds for next season and tidy things up. I'm hoping.....no I plan to get my raised beds up and ready this winter for next spring. I thought I might use some of the old corrugated tin for the beds, I should get at least ten good size beds.
There are four sheep there, one had fly strike which we had to treat and now her wool is starting to fall off around that area but she is now a lot happier and more comfortable.

We have moved one of the bedrooms and opened up the room to make it an extension of the lounge room which was quiet dark. Dave found a window on eBay at a fantastic price , it came with fly screen and vertical drapes it has opened up this room with so much light. Look at the beautiful view with have now and Dave said he was going to build a seat beneath the window for our three little dogs to look out of ( you should have seen the smiles on their faces :)

The guys insulated and gyrocked (plastered)the room last night, I can't believe the difference it has made. The bedroom that was moved to the side of the house has a little combustion stove and will look really cosy as a guest room, I can't wait to decorate it.

12 April, 2010

Baby Girl!

After a long time waiting and having a few issues our beautifully little granddaughter has arrived. On the 31st March 2010 little Sophie arrived weighing 7lb 12oz (3.54kilograms) and apart from being perfect she is absolutely gorgeous. My daughter had a short textbook delivery, the doctor was thrilled for her.

Sophie arrived and seconds later she was opening her eyes and wanting a feed, she is now a very content baby and not too demanding and mum is doing really well. Not to mention proud grandma who was there to witness little Sophie's arrival.

Yes life is blissful, we have been blessed greatly is so many ways and life is now settling down to some sort of normality whatever that is. I am back at home and trying to catch up on house work and life in general, today I am at the shop and trying to get back into a routine and catch up with customers, who I may say have been so patient and understanding.
We are still renovating at home and with winter coming upon us we are trying to get the fireplace back in, the walls insulated and finished and have the house nice and snug. I have let some of my sheep into the veggie patch to eat the wild weeds growing and aerate and fertilise the soil. Hopefully the patch will be bigger and better next season, I am determined to get my raised beds in have the patch booming again.
Hopefully I am back to regular blogging now life has quietened down and now I'm off to read some of my favourite blogs

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"