29 April, 2009

I'm knitting! & Furniture

I have been dying to start a knitting project and at last I have. I found this old knitting book in my collection I got from my mum, it is a baby jacket my grandmother made for my daughter many years ago. I thought I would make the set for my son and daughter-in-law who are expecting in november.

The book has about fourteen different crochet and knitted patterns of layette and shawls. We had our first open fire last night, the nights and mornings are starting to get a bit chilly and it was nice sitting there knitting.

I went and picked the last of the corn this morning and cherry tomatoes before the frost hits. The veggie patch is coming to an end and I have to get out there and attack those weeds and prepare the beds for my winter crop. The days are much shorter now that daylight savings has ended and my out door time has amounted to zilch any way I am pleased that my pantry and freezer is full of this years harvest.

We have been busy with the shop and have now decided to make 90% of our furniture ourselves. Below is a box bookcase and a single bed we made for a little boy who was turning two yesterday. His mum was doing his room up and he was moving up to a big boys bed, how sweet.

We also made a bedside table for him as well but I didn't get a picture of that.

This is a nice simple bed that is very solid, we thought we will do it in double and queen sizes as well and sell it at a affordable price. It is so hard these days to buy value for money. I think I will call this bed the "Stockman", what do you think?

22 April, 2009

I'm Back! Now to Catch Up!

Boy! Time does fly, I can't believe how long it has been since I have been in blog land. I have not
only missed putting up post but I have missed reading all of my favourite blogs and now I am trying to catch up.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, I certainly did and had a few days off as well. The only thing about having time off and relaxing is that I relax too much and let my guard down and with out fail I seem to pick up some bug and become sick. This time I got the flu, it hit me hard for a day and I fought it and now I'm just about over it.

I have had Jess home for about 2 weeks which has been great and we have enjoyed lots of laughter and fun together. She will be going back to Sydney on the weekend.

I am now Editor of my Church's Bulletin, I would never in a million years predicted that one. I think having a blog has helped a lot because I am more of a thinker than a writer and writing my post has just come naturally plus it has helped me operating this computer.

Daylight savings started not long ago and I have already hit one kangaroo, it did jump away so hopefully it is alright and I have had others run out in front of me, thankfully only my spotlight was pushed in and there was no other damage. I have only another 6 months of this till daylight savings is back LOL

I don't want to make my post too long and besides I don't have any photos of anything at the moment. I will have to get back to a normal routine with my blogging and there is so much to update such as my veggie patch (weeds are back), the renovations ( I have had a few mice in ahhh), the shop (some big changes which will make the shop stronger and better), Oh we now have a truck, the building of the new Church and much more :)

08 April, 2009

Custom Made Bookcases

This is a huge bookcase unit we installed over the weekend. We made them in four pieces, put each one in place, screwed and bolted them for stability and finished off with skirting and beading. So they now look like they have always been there. The one above the door was a really tight squeeze as there was a air vent on the left of it, mind you the ceilings were 13ft high and the guys who helped us had to climb on ladders and lift this bookcase high above their heads. real scary stuff. We started Saturday afternoon and left the peoples home at 11pm then we went back again on Sunday because they had to go out and we didn't leave till we had finished and that was 12am and by the time we got home it was 1am. On the Sunday I made a beef stew and put it in the crock pot not knowing what time we would get home to eat it, so after six hours cooking it was delicious.

You can't see in the pictures I took but there is a fireplace in the middle with a huge mirror above
The bookcase above is also for a TV to sit on, we had a few hiccups but sorted them out thank goodness. The couple were thrilled with their bookcase and with the service we gave them that they can't wait to tell their family and friends and hopefully pass some business onto us :)

04 April, 2009

The Caveman Look!

If you would like a good laugh today have a read of this article. It is saying with the global financil crisis woman will looking for a man that will be big and strong to provide her with food and security, in the articles words... "their taste in men will shift from the androgynous hairless metrosexual towards the more muscular primal hairy male". The visions in my mind after reading this article was so funny. I can just see a woman walking down the road with a big hairy cave man on her arm and dragging half a cow home to the cave LOL.

02 April, 2009

So What Has Been Going On!

I'm sorry I haven't done a post for a while and the usual excuse is I have been busy. I can't believe it is already April and I can't stop my thoughts from jumping ahead of me to things like enjoying winter fires, preparing the veggie garden for spring, the long hot summer nights and preparing for Christmas. No wonder the year goes that quick, we are always thinking ahead and not enjoying the present. I'll just take a deep breath for a minute..... phew!
Our building alterations are still going on and would you believe it we still haven't put in the new toilet (to the horrors of my daughter) and the fire place has not been installed. I just hope winter starts off mild till we get the house prepared for winter because last winter we had snow :)

My veggie patch is slowly getting taken over with weeds as the plants squeeze out their last goodies and collapse with exhaustion. I need to get in there and pick the last of the tomatoes for my relish and then I think that it is it for tomatoes, boy am I over them.

The business has picked up and we have a lot of orders to get out to customers and I might post photos of some of them because there are some really nice pieces of furniture going out.
Our Church has finally agreed on the plans for our new Church and the DA (Development Application) will be lodged with Council in the next two weeks. We are all very excited about the prospects of having a new building as at the moment we meet in a shed. Dave will be overseeing the build as project manager which again is exciting.
I have been asked to be Editor for the Church Bulletin, which is so daunting because I have never done anything like this before so here is to jumping in the deep end:)
I haven't had time to read my favourite blogs and now I have new ones to read, you see I only have the use of the Internet at my business and not at home so my blogging time is 9-5pm so if I have a busy day then blogging gets left out :(

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"