22 September, 2010

Smell The Roses!

It has been much warmer now that spring has finally arrived but I just can't put my jumpers and scarves away just yet. We have had late frost right up to November and cold snaps in between. I have been sick for a good three weeks, it was more than the flu because it just knocked me off my feet. Being a mother and wife and grandmother there is no time to be sick so apart for 3-4 days when I was incapacitated on the lounge I dragged myself around.

Life has been busy as usual, the Church is nearly completed "Alleluia" well I should say that we don't have quiet enough money to completely finish it so we have completed as much as we can and the rest is upto God.

My business can now get back into full swing again as my customer orders are mounting up and I have been doing quotations left, right and centre so thank goodness summer is on its way because we will be having late evening in the shed finishing off orders.

I have been doing Grandma duties and oh what fun, my eldest grandbaby Riley turned 6 last week and she had about 30 friends over to celebrate, I don't know what mum was thinking. Little Georgia will be turning one in November and precious Sophie has just started eating carrot, banana and pears and I have a photo of my little carrot top girl with carrot all over her :) My youngest daughter is now 19 weeks pregnant and is doing well and baby is due early February.

Spring has sprung and my veggie patch is sitting and waiting for me to get my act together and get my beds ready for planting. First I have to sort out my chickens as they have been free ranging for the last five months and think they own the place, nothing is left undisturbed as they go through every inch with a fine tooth comb scratching and pecking at everything. With all the rain we have had the ground is still really soft and muddy and with these warmer days the grass has been growing like crazy so I have a lot of weeding to do.

I have been more involved in my church lately and have been given the position of secretary of the ladies ministry and just recently I have been made a Deacon as well as my other positions of editor for our bulletin and church office administrator so my days have been very full.

Life is busy and crazy so I know how important it is to have quiet times and me times like smelling the roses if you know what I mean. I encourage you to have these times even if it is just to recharge your batteries and really appreciate life.....go bake a cake and enjoy eating it :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"