28 August, 2008

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen carcass
Leveling the legs

We have started renovating the kitchen and it is now taking shape. Dave built the cupboard carcasses out in the garage and brought them in and we adjusted them in place. That is me on the floor adjusting the legs so the cupboards will be level.

Dave is very clever and handy he has cut the cost on this kitchen renovation by thousands of dollars. The doors, side panel, skirting and top mouldings will be made out of timber which Dave will make himself .The bench top we will order from a kitchen place and I think it will be laminated or then again it could be granite, only because I recently found a company that has a lots of off cuts they can't get rid of and Dave could use them some how in the kitchen and also in other furniture he makes for the shop. We have also made wide drawers that will be just below the bench top to store our pot & pans and also crockery, it will make things easier for Jess or has a bad back and for Dave who has arthritis. It will be a fantastic kitchen with a huge walk in pantry where I can stock up on food and store my jams and pickles etc. I just love the big window that opens outwards so that I can see into the paddocks and the dam. You know life is simple and I feel blessed!


Tracie said...

Hi White lily,

I love the pictures of your animals on the sidebar of your blog, this is a great idea. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have had a look around your blog and your pictures are lovely. I am a little envious of your kitchen renovations. Your shop looks very nice too, pity it isn't closer, I would love to have a browse.
Have a nice day.

Twinville said...

Oh how exciting!
Lucky you for Dave being so handy...but look at you getting down and dirty with the construction, too!

I'm impressed!
I love big windows over the sink, too. The beautiful views help to take my mind off the fact that my hands are lathering off dirty dishes.

Please post your kitchen window view sometime, k?


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"