26 July, 2008

Some people dont care

The Wombat

The wombat is a marsupial that digs burrows. It is about 1 metre long from nose to tail, the tail being only a couple of centimetres long. An adult weighs about 25-35 kilograms. Wombats are the largest burrowing mammals. A wombat is covered with coarse grey or brown fur, with a large head, a large nose and small ears. It is solidly built, with large claws for digging. Its body has a rounded appearance. Its back is hard and bony. This bony back is a useful defence against intruders in the burrow, as the wombat uses its back to crush them against the burrow wall.
The wombat is nocturnal, which means it is active at night, eating grasses, roots and shrubs. It stays in a burrow in daytime, though sometimes can be seen basking in the sun at the burrow entrance. It lives alone, except for a female with young.

Some people just don't care!

I live out in the country and some of my roads are dirt and you usually see wildlife about, anyway on my way to work this morning I passed a wombat on one of these dirt roads. Someone must have hit last night and just left it there. I drove up beside it and the poor thing was still alive shivering from shock. I don't know how badly injured it was but I did notice blood on the side of its head, apart from its faint breathing I say he was in the last stages of death. I felt helpless and knew I just couldn't drive off so I turned around and headed home, moments like these I felt I should have obtained a gun licence and bought a gun, but the thought of having a gun around would make me uneasy. I knew a neighbour that would willingly help this poor fellow out, so I rang the neighbour and picked him up and we drove back to the wombat and put him out of suffering.

It makes me angry sometimes when people don't care or want go out of there way to do the right thing. I know sometimes accidents happen when animals run out on the road and I know and have killed an animal instead of running off the road trying to avoid them. But to leave an injured or dying animal on the road is not right to my thinking.

11 July, 2008

Update!.. SNOW!!! ...Need photos!....

As usual a lot has happen in a few days. We had SNOW for the first time on our property, that we have seen ( I have never seen snow). It was really beautifully, falling like soft little feathers from heaven. I do have some photos of Rex and Lucky covered with snow flakes on there noses and bodies and a photos of the little ones, Sarabie, Abbey and Jatzie looking up into the sky wandering what was that stuff falling and if it was eatable. I was a bit late for work but it was very enjoyable just standing outside looking at the snow softly falling to the ground.

We picked up our new Ute, a Mazda BT50 Freestyle, it is lovely to drive and the fuel economy is much better than our old Ute. We should be saving about $200 a month in fuel. Dave hasn't driven it yet, his plaster comes off his arm next week, then he will have to start physio. We are way behind in making customer orders because of his accident and I'm trying not to take on any new orders, which has been a little frustrating.

Adam and Megan have been making plans for there wedding in October, they only want something small and personal, just immediate family and close friends. The weather should be good and the gardens should be at there best. I can't wait, Adam and Megan make a loving couple and it will be nice to see them joined together in marriage.

I bought a white Mulberry tree and haven't planted it yet, not enough daylight time at the moment. I need to buy two apple trees as well as more newspaper for my No-Dig Garden, I'm hoping to get it organized before next month. The weeds are starting to take over my garden at the moment because it has been unattended since Dave had the car accident. I'm also really longing to get started on my wool spinning, I do have a couple fleeces and there is a spinning club in town and I am so tempted to go there for a few hours but then other things might suffer, I'll have to wait for another time (maybe when I'm old and in a nursing home)
Next post I will have photos of all these things , hopefully!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"