27 September, 2008


This is Sarabie, she loves to come in the veggie patch with me. I dig and pull out weeds and she looks for mice and anything else that might be running on the ground, most of the time she gets dirty.
These are my drums that were covered in weeds, Sarabie loves jumping up there and scratch in the dirt
She usually jumps up runs around then jumps off and jumps onto the next one hoping to find that mouse that could be still around.
She sometimes sits there and looks to see if anything is moving so as to get ready to pounce. I don' let her in here when the weather gets warmer or during the heat of the day just incase there might be a snake or shingle back.
A girl gets really hungry doing all that work in garden she has to come in for a snack. Abbey is not impressed with how dirty Sarabie is, Abbey is more of a lounge lizard.


Grammy said...

Hi Lilly, she sounds like a fun dog who want to help. Do you get snow in your winters?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a cute and very bright little dog, she is.
How did she receive her name? It's quite beautiful :)


white_lilly said...

We did get a little snow, if you could call it snow, this year . It lasted about 20mins.

My daughter choose sarabie's name from the Lion King. After her dig in the garden she got a grass seed in her foot and has been constantly licking it, I'm going to have to squeeze it out for her :(

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"