15 September, 2008

I'm Back with a new Gadget

This is my horse called Buddy! And he was a bad boy! well Dave thought he was.

It has been a week and I have been all over the place doing all sorts of things. I had a great time cooking at the Health Resort and it was good to catch up with old friends. The weather was beautiful and the company was great. I bought home some organic oranges and I hoping to make some marmalade yummy! I missed the family and animals so it was good to come home, the lambs have grown and are running and frolicking in the paddocks. While i was away Dave told me that my horse Buddy got out and the neighbour down the road rang him to say he was eating the grass on his front lawn. Dave walked down there and got him and when he was walking back all the neighbour's horses ,cows and goats came running up to their front fences to either watch or cheer Buddy along it must have been so funny and because of the commotion Buddy thought he would start prancing around and look at everyone with his head up, tail sticking out acting like some prized stallion hehehe Poor Dave !

Jess worked in the shop for me while I was away and she had some of her male friends come in and rearrange the furniture as a surprise for me, well it was definitely a surprise it looks great and she put a lot of effort into it. My counter is now near the front door and a cool breeze blows in and it will be great in summer.
I had my photo on the front page of the local paper last week (oh my!) . The RTA will be re-doing the round-about which is right out the front of my shop. The people are really pleased because the road is in such a bad state and it is the entry to the main street of the town. The road is uneven with many dips and ridges and many large trucks use it as well as tourist with caravans and horse trailers.

On Friday we had to drive to Orange to get our new truck serviced we have only had it for about 8 weeks and have already done 10,000 kms in it. Then yesterday we had to do a delivery to Wagga Wagga and did another 825 kms. The drive was really nice we drove through country towns and the fields were so green and there were so many crops of canola so there was yellow patches here and there.

And the Gadget I have just installed is a new widget, FEEDJIT . I read about it on Rhonda's blog http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com/ Like Rhonda says it is interesting watching people roll in over the world, not that anybody really knows about my blog as yet but it will be interesting to see who does watch. If anybody is there just click on it and watch.

The camel is called potato it belongs to a customer of mine, Jess and I actually pass him nearly everyday as we go to work, we never new his name up till a few months ago so we use to call him Alice ( there is a children's song about a camel called Alice who had two humps) . The reason I have a photo of Potato is that I do not have my photos on this computer because Jess in her changing everything around has swapped computers and my photos are on the other computer.
I will have to update photos later !!!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Glad to see you back home again.

So many changes have been taking place, eh?
Sounds like quite an experience walking into your house and all the furniture was changed.
I'm glad it was a nice surprise for you..

So, you're not going to post the photo of you in the paper?
Sounds kind of exciting!

Are camels as pets/livestock pretty common over there?
Potato is a Dromedary, or one hump camel.
A two hump camel is a Bactrian.

Wanna know what the difference is:
Look at the first letter of the word:

B= two humps
D= one hump

Get it? hehe


white_lilly said...

Thanks Lisa, oh no Jess change the furniture around in my shop, I own a furniture business in town and we make furniture as well I will probably show some of the furniture we make in one of my post.

I don't like having my photo taken because I look blah! in them, but it was good advertising for the business

We don't have many camels around us they are mainly pets.

You are full of information, I didn't know that about camels thats amazingly simple!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"