26 September, 2008

Weeds & Weeds.. I'm going out of my mind!!!!!!!

My poor veggie patch has been sadly neglected and it has only been through me getting up at the crack of dawn to try and get these weeds under control that my patch might be alright for this season and feed us. These plants of broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower I planted at the beginning of winter and I don't know how but they survived and are still growing I haven't been gardening for long and I don't know very much about plants or gardening I have always had a brown thumb not a green one and I always seen to kill the most hardy of plants.
Under the cardboard are the weeds that have been pulled out, I'm hoping by the time I get back to the weeds they could be dead and decomposing into the soil (I sound so intelligent when it comes to the garden) There is also a bucket of liquid fertilizer (Horse manure) my seedling tray and also an empty box of cat biscuits (I have no idea why, probably for recycling)

Here are the turnips I also planted last season more weeds going wild in the back ground, my tank drums also full of weeds
Here is my no dig garden with rhubarb in the corner. I'm hoping this will be the answer to my prayers in regards to the weed problem, I can get heaps of manure and newspaper for nothing and lucerne is fairly cheap at the moment. I can just keep adding to it and pull out any stubborn weed.
This is my last big patch of weeds I'm hoping to pull out tomorrow morning. I did have big plans for my veggie patch but due to Dave's accident they were put on hold because I have had to work at our business 7 days a week but I'm getting there. If anybody has any advice or suggestions about keeping a veggie patch healthy and weed free I would gladly accept them.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think you're garden looks great! I'm a new gardener, too. So I don't have much to add. I've seen the cardboard idea before to kill and control weeds, though, and it seems very successful.

If you are using horse manure, are you letting it age first? I've read that by doing that, the weeds seeds have a chance to decompose and die. If they go straight into the garden, they often end up sprouting there instead.

Good luck with all your beautioful veggies! :)


Grammy said...

I use grass clippings from the field behind me.They add nitrogen to the soil that corn needs. But it kept my garden weed free till it decomposed. manure should go in a compost heap till next year. So it will heat up and decompose
all the weed seed. Fresh manure also can burn your plants. Wet news paper under grass or mulch works too.

white_lilly said...

Thanks Lisa for admiring my little patch The horse manure I have there is soaking in a bucket of water I heard you can dilute it for a liquid fertilizer.

Hi Ernie,we have just started using the grass clippings around the plants. I read a book the other day about mulches,so at the moment everything I look at can be used as mulch so I'm gathering it from all over the place and I'm piling the manure so that it will decompose for future use

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"