19 September, 2008

Our New Ute! Leave the lights on !

I've finally posted a picture of our new Mazda BT 50 Ute, isn't she grand. This ute will be doing everything and her work is pretty full on, from farm work, deliveries for customers, 250kms every week for pick ups from manufacturers, traveling to and from work is 100kms and when we add the stock crate she will be taking stock to the sale yards. She is a beauty !

Notice the "L" plates on the front Jess has been learning to drive , she has been doing really well and all we have to work on is reversing then she will be ready for her test. I have to tell about the time we were driving home at night and Jess was driving, we had a few cars behind us which was ok, then one wanted to overtake us , which was fine and Jess had to turn her high beam lights off for the car overtaking WELL! she accidentally turned ALL the lights OFF and I nearly #!#!#!#! myself It was pitch black and we were driving blind. But because I'm a cool mum I said turn your lights on and just relax. We practiced turning the high beam on and off all the way home so we could overcome the fear of turning the lights off WELL by the time we got home she must have turned all the lights off about 10 times and when I went inside to Dave I needed a stiff drink! (and a change of underwear)


Grammy said...

Hi Lilly, Thanks for you kind words you left me. I have enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I see we both care allot about animals and wild life. I have always wanted to see the environment you live in. I love the birds and kangaroo. I would love to see pictures if you ever have a chance to post of your wild life.

white_lilly said...

Hi grammy
Thank you for spending the time to read my blog I'm really enjoying it now that I have become more confident on the computer. Yes for sure I will be posting more pictures of our beautiful country especially kangaroos, we have heaps of them on our property

Linda said...

Thanks for dropping in and commenting. Hope the junior driving gets a little less stressful!

white_lilly said...

Thanks Linda
What is Motherhood without stress,
I'm sure I'll be dropping in again on you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hahah! What an adventure teaching kids to drive. You'd better just keep some clean undies in that great looking Ute from now on. hehe


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"