31 October, 2008

So many things!

So many things going on lately, as usual, one thing I don't forget to do is enjoy the moments that give me joy and peace. I love pottering around the veggie patch,and admiring the plants growing and the prospect of the abundance that will overflow. I've planted capsicum, tomatoes, cucumbers and have finally decided to plant my pumpkin and potatoes down the back in one of the small yards near the chook pen. The days and evenings are warming up and today is to be 36 degrees with thunder storms, I even enjoy the thunderstorms, the flash of lightening then the rumble and bang of the thunder, So loud and powerful.

Jess is down in Sydney looking for work, she has just finished her HSC and can't wait to get into the work force. She is hoping is find work as a receptionist in medical or legal services. Physical demanding jobs are out of the question because her back cannot take it after having spinal fusion a few years ago. If she does find a job she will enjoy she will probably live with my dad for a while until she decides what she wants to do. The global financial situation will be trickling into all areas of our lives and I'm sure unemployment will be a big problem, it is on the rise all ready.
I am confident jess will find work as she is keen, capable and has a lot to offer any business.

Dave has gone down to Sydney today, he has to pick up furniture and timber to make customer orders and stock for the shop. This week we have had quiet few of the manufactures that import notify us of price rises due to the drop in the Aus dollar which was expected but some have increased their prices up to 33% which is a huge increase. This will have a great impact on the retailers that sell mainly imported items, we fortunately make and sell our own furniture mainly but also buy imports.

Christmas is again nearly upon us and it is time to plan and prepare for that special time, the feast that will be shared with our loved ones. I need to get started on my Great Grandmothers Christmas pudding and fruit cake and not to mention the special fruit mince for the Christmas pies. I made copies of all my special recipes and made up folders for each of my girls so they can continue using them and passing them down to their children. I'm also wanting to get started on making my Christmas gifts , I've asked Dave to make me a dolls house for my granddaughter, all I have to do is draw up a design, I'll let you know and show pictures of it when it is completed. I was going to check out dolls furniture in the shops to see what it was like and how it was made, I want something simple but sturdy.

Below are pictures of items in my shop. This is a cute doll whose belly is filled with sand and she just sits nicely on a dresser.

This an old singer sewing machine I bought at a clearance sale for $25 and Dave made this cupboard and I made calico to cover the doors , it has that old rustic feel about it.

This is a corner cupboard Dave made it has a leadlight door with a kookaburra on it and has an aged finished, really really nice!

This is a little cupboard with a brass latch, it is so cute and the ladies that come in here love these sorts of things because it has so many uses and could be used in any room.

This is one of the many clocks I have in here, I love the rooster!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful things. Your husband's woodwork is amazing. I hope your daughter's job-searching is successful and she finds rewarding work.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a fun tour to see some of the special furniture pieces. They are so lovely.

But you know I just love that rooster clock! lol :)

I think it's great that you have family recipes that are passed onto the next generation.

I hope your daughter's job search is successful, too.


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"