15 October, 2008

Custom Made..... Chook Pen

This dresser was made for a customer who wanted it to match her other furniture called Billabong Furniture and to fit on this wall. It has a diamond lead light and is stained to match her other furniture, she was absolutely delighted with it.
She is also getting us to make her a display unit with lead light doors and side panels, it will have down lights, glass shelves and a mirror back that will show off her beautiful ornaments.
This is a coffee table we made for her, you can look through the glass top to the drawer below which will show off her husbands silver belt buckles and horse trophies . The drawer has a key lock so little fingers cannot get in there and touch things.
These are some of the custom made units we have made recently. The list of custom made things is getting longer and the smaller items for the shop are falling behind and with Christmas coming upon us we will be working day and night.

This is my chook pen I know it doesn't look much and it isn't. It is probably about thirty years old and is made of bits and pieces, but the chooks are safe and dry.

This is the new fence line for the new chook yard and the area where we will build our new chook pen, which will go on the right hand side of the fence. The baby chicks are growing fast and the pen will be too small for all of them. My chooks don't get to free range at the moment so it will be good to get the new pen finished then they will be able to roam and scratch at their free will. I will be clipping their wings and hoping they will not fly over the fence, the fence is about 41/2 foot high.

The grass is pretty long at the moment and there is a tap already in that paddock which is good. The farmer down has an old shed that is falling down and he has told us we can have the timber which will be handy to build the new chook pen.


Grammy said...

I love the wood furniture. I would be a customer too. Glad to here the business is going well. You may have to hire an apprentice. You amaze me how much you can get done.Have a great week.

white_lilly said...

Thanks Ernie! We are still trying to catch, an apprentice would be good if we could afford one. There is so much I would like to do and get done my list is growing, I still like to relax and recharge thou

C-ingspots said...

The furniture is absolutely lovely. I've gotta ask...what in the heck is a "chook"??

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your grass is so lush and green...I'm a little green with envy here :)

I am loving that display coffee table. What a clever idea to display horse items inside, too.

Your chook house and pen look functionable and comfy for the chickens. Chickens don't care whether they live in a castle or a metal box. They just want a place to roost out of the weather at night. :)

Don't you hvae any predators to worry about, though? We have hawks here that would swoop down in a second and grab a chicken or two.

Unless I am out with my chooks, I have to leave them in their coop with the hawk mesh on top.


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"