01 October, 2008

Random Things

This is Wally she is a female, we got her through one of Jess's friend who found her in a rabbit burrow just after a huge bush fire ravaged the place. Wally as a kitten use to be into anything and everything, if something was going on Wally would be in the middle of it.We used to say "where's Wally" all she needed was a red and white striped hat. She is a lovely cat and is affectionate but does not like being picked up and carried. She like to sit up on our wagon wheel seat and watch what is going on.
This is our wagon wheel seat that we have carried from property to property. At the moment it faces out across the paddocks and dam and we like to sit there and take in the views and breeze.
Those plastic drums in the corner of the picture are what I use to bring water home from town every week We use the water for the washing machine and bathroom. We have other tanks there that are pretty old for the kitchen and bathroom as well.
This was my garden patch before getting in there and attacking it with my fork and gloves.The weeds were terrible but after a lot of hard work and back strain it is looking pretty good. I 'll have photos of its progress in a few days. Over the next few months we will be pulling down that gum tree that over hangs the shed and garden and we will be moving that fence to open up the garden and start producing more veggies.
This is my glass house, I know it doesn't look much but once it is up it will look amazing. We bought it off ebay for $9.99, it took us 2days to pull it down off the owners house , he was using it for growing orchids. Dave is a builder and all he has to do is build the foundations and one side wall, the side that was attached to the house. The metal frame thing you can see in the back ground is my shade house, also under construction.


Grammy said...

I love the wagon wheel seat. And what a deal on the green house. Your other kitty has a wild spirit, I an so glad you gave it a good home. I had on show up once , I fed him for a while. Then one day he moved on. He let me pet him after a few weeks.
I assume he found better cat food some were else. Have a great day my friend.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wally is so pretty! And I love your comment about "Where's Wally (Waldo)" hehe
The Wagon Wheel seat is the palce I'd spend alot of time. Did your husband make that, too? It's so charming.

I'm kind of sorry to see your gum tree go. Have you ever had any kookaburras singing in it?

Best wishes for a most prosperous garden!


white_lilly said...

Thanks Ernie and Lis, I love the wagon wheel seat, we bought it about 10 years ago, I love sitting on it and having a cold drink after cutting the lawn or working in the yard. Its a good time to sit and enjoy life!
I'm sorry about the gum tree as well but it shades a lot of my veggie patch and it will over hang the glass house. I do have other gums around and I will be planting some kurrajong trees.

CeeCee said...

What sort of tree is that above your wagon wheel seat?

Wally is a beauty.

Your garden looks like mine did by mid-summer. It was just so hot, that I gave up and didn't pull a week for weeks.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"