08 October, 2008

What Tree!

We had a neighbour come over yesterday morning to help us load 3 large wardrobes onto our truck and when he was coming through the gate he said "Did that come down in the wind last night?" I said "what came down in the wind last night" he said "the tree" I said "what tree". I walk around to the side of the house and there was this huge tree lying down on the ground.

I didn't hear a thing, Dave said he heard something last night and went out the front to investigate but could not see anything. We were very fortunate as it has just missed the house, Jessica's bed is on the blank wall you can see looking in this picture and my room is on the left of that.

Parts of the tree had been cut some years ago and had regrown and water had sipped through it and it has rotted and with the strong winds has broken off. When it has fallen it has been wedge between the other tree beside it, preventing it from falling onto the house.

This is where it was rotting and eventually broke away, splitting off the main tree trunk.
It was quiet a tall tree, this is the wife of the husband who is cutting down the tree. They have a family business and work together. If you look hard you might see him in the tree, he was tying off the rope, cutting branches and getting it ready to bring down.Because it was a large tree and one part broke off it posed a threat to the house and had to come down.
Here the tree lopper is chain saw cutting the base , the wife is in the truck getting ready to pull the rope to bring it down

This is the last shot I took before running back while the tree came crashing down, its a bad shot but somebody had to do it!

This is the tree on the ground, it doesn't look much but it came down with a thud! When can use some for fence post and for firewood for next winter.

And this is the remaining stump, it was a lovely tree but being too close to the house was just in the wrong place. Just behind the stump and up the fence line is where I planted my Hazelnut trees and luckily not one of them was touched.

Oh! my neighbor helped us load the wardrobe onto the truck, they were a customer order for the shop. They were so solid and looked fantastic. I helped Dave sand them back to stain and lacquer them and in the process filed my fingernails on one hand on a slope, it wouldn't have mattered much but I was trying to have them look nice for my sons' wedding on Friday :(


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow!
I am so glad that you or your daughter weren't hurt. That is too close for comfort!

It almost looks as if that other tree was protecting your house from the falling tree. It caught the branch in it's 'arms'.
I'm glad to see that that particular tree was spared from being cut down. :)

How about some photos of the wardrobes? Or is it already too late?
I bet they were beautiful :)


CeeCee said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad the tree didn't land on the house. You would have been having a very different day than watching folks cut down it's remains.

Tracie said...

Good thing the tree didn't land on your house. It is always sad to loose a tree, but think of the firewood for next winter. Glad all is okay.

Tracie xx

Grammy said...

I am glad every thing came out ok. What a wonderful neighbor to help so much.
I know what it is like to loose trees to storms and Ice. I hate to see them go. But glad they did no damage to you and your home.

white_lilly said...

Very well put the tree was caught in the 'arms' of the other tree Lisa and I'm glad also the other tree was spared. I didn't get photos of the wardrobe but Dave will be making some for our shop.

That tree was a worry to us because it was so big and so close to the house thanks ceecee:)

It was sad about the tree but nothing will be wasted, the firewood will be very handy for next winter thanks Tracie!

Thank you Ernie, every thing work out ok

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"