11 October, 2008

Custom Made

In our business we make furniture for the shop and we also custom make furniture for our customers. There isn't much we cannot do, my hubby is so skilled. The unit above is for a customer who has a B & B (bed and breakfast) and she wanted a cupboard to hide a little bar fridge and somewhere for people to store their suitcases and this is the design she wanted.

The customer had some old timber stored under their house, a mixture of hardwoods, cedar and oregon. It was old, odd and rustic, Dave cut the timber to lengths and sanded it back and made this fantastic piece of furniture for them. The door and sides are inserted with mesh and the whole unit was painted with tongue oil. The customers were absolutely thrilled!

Its the weekend again and I hope to do a lot in the garden and around the yard. The chicken pen will be worked on, the little chicks are growing fast. I was thinking of planting potatoes in a couple of the drums, I have been waiting for for the farmer down the road to come and plough the field for me with his tractor but he has been busy with his lambs. My water chestnuts, are overdue to be planted as well as the ginger and garlic . I should have photos of these jobs and also of my sons wedding which we thoroughly enjoyed yesterday as well :)


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm smiling and boogeying to your great music choices on the side. Steven Curtis Chapman is one of my faves!
Oh! And I LOVE your new blog background! It's so cheerful and pretty. So...YOU! :)

What talent your husband has. That piece is beautiful. I wish we lived closer as I'd commission him to do a few pieces of furniture for me, too. I love custome made items even though they tend to be pricier. At least they are usually of much better quality.

I look forward to seeing the garden, chick and wedding photos when you post them :)


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful piece of furniture. Your husband in a very clever man.


Grammy said...

I love the cupboard. He did a wonderful job. It is great to use old wood. I have see barn wood reused to be floors and other things. Do water chestnuts need replanting every year or are they a tree that stays alive year after year? Have a great week end.

white_lilly said...

Hi Lisa! I heard Steven Curtis Chapman on someone else's blog and really liked him
I like the background too, with thanks from another blog
My hubby is very talented considering he has arthritic hands, our custom made furniture is usually cheaper and better quality than those over priced bigger furniture shops.
My garden is coming along really well thanks

Thank you Kate for visiting my blog, I love reading yours! We have designed and made some beautiful pieces of furniture together, I will have to post more photos.

Hi Ernie, we both really loved the way the recycled timbers came up.I don't know a lot about water chestnuts but I'm learning fast.

CeeCee said...

Beautiful piece of furniture. Love that it was made from recycled wood!
Can't wait for wedding photos.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"