13 October, 2008

Simplify and be Inspired!

Rhonda Jean from one of my favorite blogs I read http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com has with a number of writers started another blog called simple green frugal co-op they will be sharing parts of their lives and inspiring others to simplify their lives. So if you are interested in living the simple life and need inspiration go to Rhonda's blog and to her new co-op blog and be inspired.

When we moved to our home three years ago I wanted to live the simple life and be self sufficient. My veggie patch was sort of there from the previous owner but I was not really a green thumb person even though I had grown the odd tomato or lettuce I would not call myself a gardener. My free time is pretty limited as we have our own furniture business and make furniture and I have lately worked 7days a week but I try to get into my garden as much as I can. There as been so much doom and gloom lately on the TV and thought of the possibility of a Recession/Depression is becoming to hit reality that I am working overtime to gain more information and knowledge on how to simplify my life and become more self sufficient. I think we have to make time and do what is necessary to make our lives more simpler, be wiser and frugal in our own home, make our meals from scratch, don't be part of the throw away society, re-cycle and re-use when necessary, stop using credit and pay off debts, learn to barter, gain more skills, learn to be content and be thankful for what you have.

This is my son, Adam with his daughter, Riley on one of the machines he drives. Adam and his childhood sweetheart, Megan were married on Friday. I'm hoping to have photos some time next week to share. It was beautiful!


CeeCee said...

It's funny how a bit of doom and gloom drives us all right back to the soil? We know, intuitively, how to care for ourselves when no one else can. I have several beds, but only one that can be completely protected from the deer and jack rabbits. It used to have flowers AND bits of veggie plants. I ripped all the flowers out to use up all the good soil for veggies.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you in working toward your being more self-sufficient goals.
We are trying to do the same, but have a few luxuries I'm not prepared to give up here (horse, animals) and many of them don't pay for thei rown upkeep and are mostly pets.

And gardeing here above 7,000 ft can be a hit or miss with our unreliable weather.

I'm praying for a mild winter a perfect spring and summer temps next year, too.

For you, too :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"