03 September, 2009

My new Oven!

Well I never thought I would get such a beautiful oven, but I have been blessed with this little beauty. It is 900 wide with five gas burners and a large electric oven and it is just gorgeous.
The exhaust fan above has a glass surround that is not on there yet but it has great lights and three levels of exhaust and it is wonderful. Do you think I have been spoilt by this little beauty? Don't answer that!

These are the front gauges, it has about eight different options for the oven; defrost, grill (two levels for grilling) and about five for the oven.

The top will be great to hold my big pots for cooking jams, pickles and everything else I do with preserving. Fantastic! Dave is going to give me a stainless steel surround and tile the rest. The kitchen is progressing slowly since we have so much going on and the year is going to get even busier.


Grammy said...

It is beautiful, and you so deserve it.
You will love the 5 burners.

Out Back said...

Fun times to be had with this beauty. I would love one of these ovens.

white_lilly said...

Thanks Ernie I can't wait to get those burners pumping, I love to cook :)

Thanks Tania I couln't believe my eyes when I seen hubby bringing it home on the truck. I did feel a little guilty having such a fansy oven but that worn off quickly as we put it in the kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous. I'm panting with envy. What is the first thing that you made in it (or on it?)


white_lilly said...

Hi Kate! The first thing we cook was a chicken on the rotisserie, which I forgot to mention on my post, but it was delicious :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is gorgeous!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see and hear about all the yummies you make with it :)


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"