29 September, 2009

My Pantry

Don't be horrified by this chaos, I do intend to get in there to clean and sort my pantry and it is on my To-Do List. With such a big pantry I still seem to fill it up, the box on the floor contains my empty preserving jars. I do have a system but it needs re-organizing as things have gotten a little out of hand. After last harvest season I was looking for more space for my jars of jams, pickles and preserves etc. My stockpile is very low at the moment so I need to clean it out and restock. I was hoping to start making more whole grain breads because I usually just make white and I think it is about time my family started eating more grains. I also like to start using more pulses and more herbs and spices, the family have been playing it safe but I think it is about time I introduce a bit more substances and flavour.

These are the pantry doors Dave made for me, they have mesh on the inserts and a rubber seal to prevent any crawlies or moths from getting in.

This is how they looked closed, we still have to put on the architrave and skirting plus handles.

I am really happy with the look! In the picture you can see that we haven't painted yet that is because we still haven't finished gyprocking, but in time it will all come together and look fantastic.

The little brown hen standing behind the rooster is the one we were given by one of Jess's friends. She seems to be settling in ok, I was going to let her gradually get to know the other hens to make sure she fitted in but because I wasn't home at the time Dave just put her straight in with the rest of them and hoped for the best, thank goodness they are all getting along.


Out Back said...

Your pantry looks like mine at the moment. It's one of those jobs I put off. Mine is fairly large also but I still manage to fill it up and run out of room. I dont know what I did before in our old house where I only had a two door cupboard to store food. If there is a next house it has to have a big pantry!

Good luck when you get in there, and please post some after photos to get me motivated.


white_lilly said...

Hi Tania, I think the more space you the stuff you accumulate :)

I've put a bit of pressure on myself with that before photo but I feel I can meet the challenge and produce an after photo, then I would like to see yours :)


Anonymous said...

Your pantry looks very tidy and organized to me, I wish my kitchen cabinets were like that!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"