31 August, 2009


The seasons are changing and on the record Spring is tomorrow but things have been changing for a while and yesterday I seen a frilled neck lizard on the track. Let me tell you I am not looking forward to the snake season. The fruit trees are budding and flowering and the bulbs that have been dormant are starting to appear.

This trench that Sarabie is inspecting is through my veggie patch and the cable is power for Dave in the shed. We had an electrician out the other day to connect the power to my new stove, which reminds me I haven't got a photo of it yet, how silly! Anyway he did a few other jobs while he was there like a power point and light above vanity in the bathroom, down lights for the kitchen and more power to the shed yay!

This is an ornamental plum near the back of our house and it is flowering beautifully. A couple of seasons ago we have a lot of fruit on it, they were the size of cherries and tasted yummy.

I have no idea what plant this is all I can say is it some kind of daisy!

The chooks have had a change in pens recently and have done a really good job in scratching and picking at the ground. Their old pen I am going to plant pumpkins, zucchinis and squashes. There was an old tree stump in that pen and Dave lit it and it burned for about 3 or 4 days and when I had a look at it the whole stump, roots and all was gone. Amazing! It would have been a few days work getting it out of the ground if it was green.

This is Sarabie and she does not like change. Here she has gone to the sanctuary of my bed because at the moment we are plastering and setting the walls in the kitchen and pulling up the old carpet and tiles. She doesn't like all the banging and loud noises, plus we have moved the lounges and other furniture out so the place looks like it has been turned upside down. poor thing, mind you the other two dogs and cat have crept in to keep her company :)


Marilyn said...

i just love spring, don't you? all the changes you are making..wow..having your walls plastered and painted. How exciting. Enjoy! Marilyn xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love to travel the world by the internet, and end up in such a nice corner where the ornamental plum tree is blossoming! Enjoy your season, it's almost fall over here in Italy.
PS Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Francesca.

white_lilly said...

Hi Marily! Spring is really exciting but I think I like all the seasons because they are all different. I can't tell you how much I am waiting to have that room completed and the plastering all over with :)

Hi Francesca! Thank you for dropping by, especially from Italy Wow!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a pitiful face. She's too cute. Looks like Spring, and all of the wonderful plans surrounding it, as arrived for you. We used to have a Purple Leaf Plum tree at our old house and the fruit was tart and sweet.

Your chickens are looking lovely, too.

So, what species of snakes are most common around your home? Here in New Mexico the Bull Snake is the most common.


white_lilly said...

Hi Lisa! Sarabie is cute, she is my little shadow. We have a couple of snakes that are out and about that are a worry one is the red belly black snake which is dangerous but the agressive and most dangerous is the brown snake. We have had both around our house and have killed a couple unfortunately.We also get a lot of shingle back lizards which are harmless if you leave them alone and usually if there are shinglebacks around the snakes stay away :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"