19 September, 2009

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I did a video of our shop a while ago but never posted it, well today I felt adventurous, but the only thing is that we have since sold a lot of the furniture and have rearrange it differently. We are starting to make more and more of our own furniture now and people are really loving it. We as a family have been making and selling furniture for a long time and we have noticed the decline in the quality of furniture that is being sold. What you buy these day in most big department stores and furniture businesses is imported furniture. Now this furniture comes from countries like China, Vietnam, Malaysia etc where the weather conditions are hot and dry which is different to the Australian climate and the timber in the furniture dries out and starts to open, crack, bow etc and what you get left is a pile of junk for the tip. I sold a Bedroom Suite the other day, which was really nice but it was imported and when I went to check it for delivery I could not open one of the drawers with out making a sweat. Dave try his magic on it but in the end we had to take it home for major surgery. This is one of the major reasons why we don't want to sell much imported furniture because it is not worth the money or the trouble and we can make a far superior furniture with quality Australian timbers for less the price.

When you go to buy furniture give it a good going over and make sure everything opens and closes and that the joins are not starting to open (crack) and it is of a sturdy build. Imported furniture is fairly cheap and looks OK at a distance but when you check it out thoroughly make a note to yourself is it worth the money or should I look around for Australian made even if I have to pay a little more for a more superior Australian made piece which will last a lot longer.

Make sure you look after your timber furniture by giving it a good oil often so that it doesn't dry out. Timber is a natural product and it gets thirsty so to prevent it from cracking splitting etc look after it and it will last for years :)

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Grammy said...

I love your shop. You are so right. It is almost impossible to find quality. Even my kitchen cabinets at my old home were bought as real wood. But they have a veneer of paint over them and were ply wood. I was quit disappointed at top of the line work here. There are not many craftsmen like your hubby. You sell treasures. They will last for ever.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"