01 December, 2008

I was in a Rut and Look what happened!

Have you ever had times when you were in a rut, whether you lacked drive, inspiration, motivation, enthusiasm or whatever and you sulked or moped around. Well I was in a rut, I wanted to do some miner changes to the house and spruce things up and do a bit of decluttering and every direction I went in things looked a bit bigger to accomplish than I thought. I lacked the drive and was a bit overwhelm with it all so I went to my hubby with a long look on my face and we looked over the situation (two heads are better than one) and started to make changes and alterations and set deadlines and before we new it we had over come Mount Everest :)

It makes life so much easier when you hubby is so handy and knocking out walls and rearranging rooms is a breeze. Our house is an old homestead and the people before us did not do much work on it . It has lovely high ceilings and timber floors, which do need a bit of work on. We took out two small side walls and opened up this room to make it twice the size, and the look is amazing. All of a sudden the clouds had moved away and the sun was coming out and I could see the potential for this room and it will not look so cluttered and dark and dingy
This was what my kitchen was like that little sink against the wall and the stove in a ridiculous covelet, you can see it in the picture below, the pink chair is in front of it. My new kitchen is getting built to the right and has a big window opening out.
My house is like a bomb has hit it but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because it will be fantastic, did I tell you that my daughter is away for a week and we have a week to get this finished and the house back to some normality. We are going to throw up some gyprock, fill in some holes, it won't be completely finished like doing the joints, skirting and architraves and painting etc but it will be presentable and livable. There is a bigger picture here so we are doing this in stages.
My hubby just loves knocking down walls and making things happen, he is a builder/carpenter and he loves when a plan comes together.
The little dogs were not to sure about all the banging and rearranging of the house, some ran and hid under the beds till it was a bit quieter, the others were to busy eating their beef bones outside :)
This will be adventually be gyprocked and a door in the corner which will lead out to the laundry and a back deck
This is how the room sort of looks now, we will eventually gyprock the whole room, paint and polish floors and dress the room up. There is a support in the middle of the room until Dave gets in the roof and puts the beam up, it is all pretty secure so don't go worrying. We had a busy evening and will be working on the rest of the house through the week I'll let you know of the progress, I just hope my daughter doesn't see this or she will be freaking out :)
I have to mention when we were working on my daughters room about a year and a half ago Dave and I were standing on a plank (it was solid) on some scaffolding, because the ceiling was quiet high and we were putting up the cornice and the beam snapped in two and we both came crashing down and my (bare) foot went straight through the floor boards. I was in pain all night and went to the hospital the next day (of course it was a long weekend) and had it x-rayed and I had from the inside tore flesh from the bone and had a grazed shin bone :(


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It was solid you say? And why were you barefoot? Yikes! You're not giving me any sense of confidance of your safety in these renovations, my dear! Everything looks upside down and all around like a tornado blew in there. It would make me crazy! You're such a calmer more level-headed...and patient person than me, for sure.

Now, stay away from heights and planks, ok?

Good luck with all the renovations. I'll be rooting for ya! :)

New Mexico, USA

white_lilly said...

Thanks Lisa for your vote of confidence. I have been through a lot renovations and its a tornado one minute and bliss the next.I normally wear steel capped boots but this day I was giving Dave a hand for 5 minutes and unfortunately ending up through the floor.Dave is a safety conscious person so he was very distressed when this happened, we have been building together for 30years and that was our first accident.

You are already up to the letter H in your alphabet blog challenge and I haven't read them all yet.Love your horsey photos and thank you kindly for your concern my dear friend:)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"