27 November, 2008

Beef and Rennovations

Well I picked up my beast yesterday from the butchers all 200kgs of him, thank goodness the butchers bagged and labeled the meat even though I had to put the meat into smaller portions. There was so much beef my three freezers are full, this meat will do our families for quiet a long time. It worked out with cartage, the kill, tax, levy, butchering the price per kilo was about $1.90 Aus, which is very good. Even the dogs are happy and their eyes lit up when I gave them a bone they could hardly carry. All five of them were gnawing on their bones while we were busily labeling and packing the freezer.
I was hoping to take more pictures but the memory card was full and didn't have time to unload pics. We must have had about 30kgs each of sausages and minced meat, and we bagged them into meal sizes.
The cattle were free ranged on our property where no chemicals have been used for about five years and the pastures have been lush and the meat such showed these qualities.

It was breath taking looking over all the cuts - topside, oyster blade, fillet, T-bone, round and chuck steak, corned silverside, pot roast, rolled roast, rump.

Halfway through our packing we had to stop and have this juicy T-Bone with chips and my oh my did we savor every mouthful, then back to the packing
When I came home with all this beef I came inside and found out that Dave and Jess have been demolishing the back section of the house where a huge cupboard was. Our plans were to pulls this cupboard down, move the toilet into the corner an make a door into the wall to access the bathroom. This will be a temporary plan because the bathroom will be moved to the other side of the house. We are still working on the kitchen and these modifications have to be done to accomplish this. The back half of the house will eventually be my laundry with a toilet and the back door which will open out onto a deck.

I must say they cleaned up their mess very well, until I went into the spare room and found a whole lot of stuff that I have to go through and pass on.

This is the laundry at the moment with the toilet on the left, all this will be pulled out and gyprocked , the toilet will be removed to the other corner, the new back door will be where the toilet is and there will be a timber bench and overhead cupboards

This is the remains of the huge cupboard that will be going to the tip


Grammy said...

Yummy, How wonderful to have all that healthy meat. It is so great to get the house fixed the way you want.

Our Red House said...

That meat sounds fantastic, much better than intensively reared, grain-fed beef. When can I come round for dinner?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on such a generous, and healthy bounty. Bless the cattle for sacrificing their lives to feed your family, too.
How wonderful to have your freezers full of nourishing food. :)

And good luck on all the renovations. You sound so upbeat about them, while I'm sure I'd be too impatient and antsy with so many unfinished projects waiting to be completed.

New Mexico, USA

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"