04 December, 2008

Renno Update!

More walls have been pulled out and new ones going up, its all happening here on this little homestead. Below is our bathroom which was built on the corner of a verandah many years ago and its ceiling was low, the door has been moved and the ceiling will be a little higher. My kitchen is on the right of Dave and where he is standing a wall will be going up because that is where my stove will go and then my fridge. I know it looks like chaos but it will eventually come together, trust me!

This is my shower and hand basin exposed, thank goodness my daughter is away at the moment it makes showering time interesting. The wall will be up by tonight, so showering time will be a lot cleaner if you know what I mean (hehehe).
We are doing this on a really tight budget, I found it a good idea to check out prices and see if anyone can better that price and you will be surprised at the savings you can make. My days are pretty full at the moment with running the business, doing deliveries and running around timber yards getting timber and hardware for the renovations

I'm doing the rest of the house by decluttering which has been so invigorating plus moving out to storage containers boxes of items which belong to my kids that have long moved out. We did move from a huge five bedroom house to this little homestead and we had so much stuff that we have to be realistic and get rid of some of it and free up our living space.


Grammy said...

Wow, What progress. Great job. your hubby is so fast. We are still in reassemble mode. But not allot of progress lately.

Wendy said...

Wow is right! So much to do! Oh so you also have boxes of the childrens' stuff left behind! We did for the longest time and then told everybody to come and get their stuff - we wanted to declutter. Most of them did, but there are still a few boxes left behind.
Never could understand why my parents did the same thing to me years ago. I thought - they have a big house, so why can't they store my stuff for-ever! LOL.
Now I understand.

Have fun - you're doing this before Christmas?? Yikes! At least it's warm where you are. We have snow and it's looking like a cold week coming up.

white_lilly said...

Hi Ernie,my hubby is amazing even though he has arthritic hands.They say Rome wasn't built in a day, you can only do what you can.

Hi Wendy,I do get a bit overwhelm some times because I bite off to much to chew but I have put my head down and have made great progress :)
My daughter is coming up over Christmas so she will be going through her boxes :)

I'm going to feel more relaxed and happier over Christmas with not having all this clutter to deal with :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hmmm....I'm starting to get excited about seeing all of the chaos...just imaging what the end results will be. What is your projected completion date?

New Mexico

white_lilly said...

Hi Lisa, project completion date was yesterday, just kidding:) Hopefully house will back together by friday other works completed before Christmas and other major things early next year hopefully when we have some extra cash. I definitely feel much better and out of that rut :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"