18 December, 2008

Veggie Patch Update!

The veggie patch has been going really well considering I have been neglecting it with so many other things. The only problem I have at the moment is that some of the dreaded weeds are coming back and I need to get my hands on some more mulch. I seen some for sale in town for $4 a bale which is very good. So I might grab a few bales it will help the patch and give me time to get back in there and give it some tender loving care (TLC)
In my drums above I have planted potatoes and pumpkin (with a coulple of weeds) and they seem to be growing well. I have been reading various ways of growing potatoes and I thought I might experiment a few different ways, I'll have to post pictures of my experiment.
These are my zucchini plants with a bit of powdery mildew on the leaves, we have been having so much rain, anyway I thought I 'll make up a milk mixture which is suppose to help with that.
This is my peach tree that is wedge between the house and two water tanks. The fruit has been fantastic the last few years but I have noticed there is not as many this year. If we extend out here the tree will have to come down which will be a real shame.
I only have two yellow squash plants that survived out of a batch of ten. This is the first time I have grown them.....can you see the weeds lurking in the back ground.
These are my zucchini plants again, can you see there is about four zucchinis growing on one plant....yummy
This is my ti pi I made for my beans, they took a little while to get going but there now shooting for the sky. I also planted bush beans, they are on the left.
Can you see those weeds lurking around the beans
More potatoes here and there, I brought a 5kg bag of organic potatoes plus I had a bag of different varieties such as kipflers, pontiacs, delaware and royal blue.
These are my shallots, I bought from the supermarket and planted them in the ground and let them go to seed and they have been sprouting ever since. Beside them are leeks but we won't talk about them they are not looking very good.
These are my Roma tomatoes which I found really sweet and good for cooking. I need to get in there and tie them to the stakes, I job I will do in the holidays.
These are my snow peas and they are doing really well, the black thing in the background is an old bean plant that was growing there last year. I told you I don't spend a lot of time in the patch and the time I'm in there its to either plant something or pull something out or maybe throw some mulch around and of course grab something for dinner.
This is my corn looking lovely and lush, I was told by a friend who was told by a very old neighbor in these parts that boxing day is the day to plant corn for a bumper crop. So I guess I'll be out here on boxing day planting corn :)

This is my hassle free spinach which just grows and grows and I make the most yummiest spinach pie from.

Oh yeah this is one of the pest that is eating my grape vine at the moment and I keep picking, shaking, flicking them off which helps reduce there numbers thank goodness they have not done a lot of damage.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your garden look truly amazing and very productive! It's so funny that you're tending a garden over there while we are dealing with snow and frigid weather over here. hehe!

I'm praying that my peach tree produes fruit this Spring/Summer. Last year we had late freezes and hail in June and none of our peach, apricit or apple trees produced any fruit. I was really sad...

New Mexico

white_lilly said...

Yeah! it is funny, I really love seeing you guys having snow this time of year.

I would be sad too if my fruit tree didn't produce fruit, hopefully next season

CeeCee said...

Wow, what a great assortment of veggies and fruit! Everything looks great.
Is it possible that your mulch is actually carrying in the weed seeds?

Grammy said...

Every thing looks so wonderful. With all the rain we had I only had a 1 yellow and 1 green zucchini survive too. Lucky though the yellow produced well. I noticed on a number of blogs the use of roof tin for containers. I have some laying around and plan to try some here. How did that get started in Australia. I have only found it being used but no where was the history of it popular use. I would enjoy learning more when you have time.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Belovedgoddess said...

Your garden looks great, my vegies haven't fared so well. The patch is very neglected, the weeds are having a field day. I definitely need lessons on growing vegies.

I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a very productive New Year.


Grammy said...

Just stopped by to day hi.
And send a big hug.
Merry Christmas.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"