03 December, 2008

Love the little children!

Today was the last day of my Scripture class, I have been teaching a composite class of year 4 and 5 all year. It takes a year to really get to know the kids and for them to get to know you and to really enjoy the short time of 40mins each week. But by the end of the year the kids love our time together, today we made friendship bracelets like the one below. The colored beads represent what God has done

Green- Creation: God made a beautiful world. It was perfect
Black- Sin: people turned away from God and went their own way. Their friendship with God was broken
Red- Jesus' death: because God loves us, he sent Jesus to die in our place
White- Forgiveness: God forgives us when we are sorry for not living his way. He makes us his friends again.
Blue- The Holy Spirit: Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to help his friends to live God's way.
Gold- Heaven: Jesus' friends will live forever with him. It will be perfect

The Little booklet is the Book of Luke and tells the The Real Story Of Christmas. During the year I had a reward chart and those who did anything that was kind or caring was given a star to go on the chart. They also had the chance to participate in our 'Fab Five', which they had to stand up in class and tell the class what there five favorite things are and they were under the heading of Favorite pet, favorite memory, fabulicious food, favorite place and favorite person and then they were given a star. The two with the most stars were give a prize and another ten were given this little booklet
We recapped what they had learnt through out the year and what they remembered. To finish off the class I gave them each a cupcake I had made them and they all gave me loud hip horays. Next week will be there end of year Christmas Assembly which the whole school participates and the scripture teachers organize bible readings, prayers and carols. This year has been interesting with so many things happening through out the year and now it is winding up with the festivities of Christmas and the start of holidays. I'm looking forward to another class next year for Scripture, some classes won't have Scripture because there are not enough people available to teach which is ashame because it is an opportunity to spread the Christian message in primary and infants schools.


Grammy said...

What a treat to bless so many kids with knowledge. And creative learning. The bracelet and books are special gifts.They will help them to remember.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a blessing and a gift you are to be instructing all those children in the ways of our Lord. What a special calling you've been given. :)

New Mexico

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"