13 December, 2008

Renno Update!

Well we have been working all week trying to get what we can done, apart from our other 24/7 job of the shop where Dave makes the furniture and I run it, the house renovations have been coming along nicely. We plan to gyprock this room over the next month when we have the spare cash. The furniture has been put back where it will eventually stay with maybe a few alterations. The door will be made a little later for entry out to the laundry and back yard.
That picture on the wall is still on a slant and is driving me crazy I'll have to get up there and fix it. The room also looks crazy with the different colours and different wall linings. Eventually this will be gyprocked and painted. This house had small dark rooms and we have opened them up and it looks totally different, we are really happy the way the house is coming along. Its not everyones cup of tea to renovate in stages while they are living there, but we have done it before and found it managable. We have also built a beautiful project home as well, but I think I like renovating homes that have a bit of character and style. This house I would say is not the most interesting of houses but there are ways to make it interesting and functional.

Dave made the cavity for the fridge in the kitchen and he will put a cupboard on the top, thats where I like to store medication and other harmful things that need to be up high. We still haven't decided on what type of bench top we will have but we both like granite and we still haven't chosen what type of sink and tapes to have.
This is the cavity for my stove and range hood to go in, as you can see the bathroom vanity is still sitting there. When Dave rearranges the bathroom and does the plumbing he will move this vanity and put the stove there. We will be putting tiles in a brick pattern behind the stove and above the bench top, the floors I think will be a floating timber.

We still have heaps of time before Christmas to get the house back to normal if there is such thing as normal, anyway I'm happy and thankful for my family and what I have.

My cousin who is an Architects has come up for the weekend and will be meeting church elders to discuss plans for our new church. We are all very excited about the design and plan and what part Dave and I will contribute to this new church building.


Grammy said...

Every thing looks so lovely. Did your hubby make your kitchen cabinets. They look like free standing fine wood quality.

white_lilly said...

Thank you Ernie, yes my hubby made the cupboards from scratch. He still has to put on the top moulding and bottom skirting which will be painted cream and our handles will be antique cream. I will post the details later as they all come together :)

Tracy said...

Looks fantastic so far.Best wishes,Tracy.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm enjoying your music selections tonight. So relaxing and lovely :)

My! How far you've already come. It's starting to look really nice and I can actually see how you are wanting the end result to be now.

I was laughing about the tilted photo, because you sound like me. I end up with something wonky on the wall or a shelf and walk past it over and over...always meaning to fix it, but keep getting sidetracked. lol!

New Mexico, USA

Grammy said...

Just stopped by to give you a big hug. And wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"