11 November, 2008

Its Time !!!

I wanted to put a picture of one of our cows that will be going to market and eventually be filling our freezer but I couldn't. I know the cow has had a great life on the pasture and has been well looked after and it was planned from the start that he will be for the freezer and I am grateful that I will be supplied with enough beef for my family and will not be in need for a long time.
He is getting loaded today and be sent to the abattoirs and killed on Thursday then will be sent back to our butchers and left to hang for a week or two. I have to let the butcher know how I would like this meat to be cut and what cuts I prefer. When we came to our property we decided to try and live off the land and we have had sheep and a pig grown and killed for us by a neighbor. A few months ago I worked for a friend and she gave me a cool room which has now made us able to butcher and store our own animals when needed. We just have to buy a Band Saw and maybe some other equipment and we should be set up.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good for you and your plans for being self-sufficient and growing your own food. :)
It's wonderful that you don't take the process lightly and honor the animals that feed your family, too.

New Mexico, USA

white_lilly said...

Thanks Lisa,we really enjoy our meat more knowing it is from this property than when we buy it at the shop. I'm also looking into making soap with the fat :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"