14 November, 2008

Hand Crafted items

I've been thinking about our furniture business and the economy and world and the financial situation and practically everything.........Anyway! what I was thinking was I might start making hand crafted items for the shop, maybe vintage items like cushions, tea towels, hand towels, mother and daughter aprons, bed throws, carry bags. I would like to find a nice pattern to make rag dolls, something that will be special and treasured. We could even make doll beds and cradles that would be suitable for the dolls. At the moment I'm drawing up a rough design of a dolls house for my granddaughter for Christmas, I was thinking something about 1200(4") high about 500wide (20") and 350 (14") deep with two doors with hearts on for windows, it will have a roof with an attic and windows on the side and possibly three levels. Similar to the the dolls house below but taller and wider, I was thinking bigger furniture....I hope you can buy larger dolls furniture I'll have to check that out.

I was hearing somewhere with the way the world financial situation is going people will be cutting back on gift giving this Christmas and start making their own presents. Which is a good idea, maybe families might share quality time together and the real meaning of Christmas instead of running around buying lavish gifts they cannot afford. We all still need to keep living and spend money so that the economy can recover and keep growing . For quiet a few years now due to our financial situation we have made our Christmas gifts which works out cheaper,the gifts are more personal and there is more joy in giving.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great idea. I always love handmade, from the heart items myself.

Sometimes, though, I feel like the folks I gift them to, don't always appreciate the time put into some of the items. Oh Well.

I think making useful items is going to the way to go in this economy...not just pretty things.
How about some plastic bag holders to recycle those grocery bags?
How about pillows. One can never have too many. lol!

That doll house is going to be so special.

By the way, I've Fallen for you :)

Come gather your award.

New Mexico, USA

Anonymous said...

That is what I am doing this Christmas too. Making a lot of the gifts.
The doll house is a great idea. I like the one in the photo. Your Granddaughter will love it.
Have a great day.

white_lilly said...

Gee Whiz! Thanks Lisa you are so kind You always give words of kindness and praise I really like you and your blog.
I have this fetish for bags lol!
so I would like to make all kinds of bags :)

I like that photo of the dolls house to Pam it looked pretty cute. I will show the dolls house my hubby is going to make when it is done :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"