06 January, 2014

Trying to be Frugal!

The zucchinis are producing well at the moment and I plan to freeze some and later add to the dog food I make, some to be used in fritters, soups, stews, cakes and hopefully I can make pickles and relishes. Whatever I grow I plan to make as many things possible so that I have a variety in my pantry and freezer,

I've been trying to stay away from foreign imports and to buy only home grown or organically grown foods. This was a bag of garlic I had sitting in my veggie box for a while now, it is from China, so I thought I'd use my dehydrator and make a garlic powder. I used to think more of price than product but I'm becoming more concerned with the state of our food that I'm thinking I am investing in my health when I buy organic wholesome foods.

This is what I harvested today from my garden for dinner and I thought I'd dry some fennel as well. Another job I managed to do today was go through my recipes that are written down on pieces of scrap paper, envelopes and cut outs from magazines and combine then with other hand written recipes into one book. I should post a picture of my current folder that I have that is overflowing with these recipes it is a bit of a sight. Anyway I'm trying to get some order in there, I love cooking and I have a lot of fantastic recipes but I also have a pile that look good but I haven't made so I thought I'd go through one by one and try them out.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"