16 January, 2014

Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

This season I finally got my veggie patch up and running, not as big and plentiful as I'd hoped but at least it is a start. I noticed in spring that there wasn't many bees about, just an observation in my garden and I thought maybe because I don't have many flowering plants around, but I live in a rural setting and there are lot of native plants. Anyways, I've had this concern for bees and even thinking of getting a hive and for the last few months I've been reading about the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and it has just dumb foundered me, we as a society are killing our bees with pesticides and whatever else we use. The bees are getting all sorts of viruses because their immune system were  being suppressed in some way, there is no evidence of this as yet but if we, they, the scientist don't figure this out its going to wipe out our food supply.

I am no scientist or expert on what's going on in the world of bees but this is something that will affect everyone and I think we should all be thinking of the bees and stop using pesticides. More info check out these websites:-


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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"