05 January, 2014

I Forgot and I Remembered !

I forgot that I have 4 Dexter cows and 3Dexter calves in the top paddock, silly me. I do go and see them regularly and give them extra hay as the paddocks are suffering with the long hot days we have been having. Our little farms is doing pretty well as for being self sufficient, I have two bull calves and one will be for the freezer.
I remembered after pulling these beauties out that I planted garlic a few years ago at least I think I did. I haven't really worked my garden since our house burnt down so anything is possible.
I've found that I have more time to do a lot more now and one of those things is making sour dough bread. Facebook has opened lots of opportunities for me and I have made lots of new friends in my area and one of them offered to show a group of us how to make sour dough bread and gave us some starter to start off with. The taste is amazing and the process is really easy and works in well when ever I want to make a loaf, plus have you seen the price of sour dough bread its something like $5. My other quest to make fermented drinks, but I need to do some more research into that.
I bought this ten tray dehydrator from one of my facebook groups for $40, bargain don't you think. So I've been busy drying herbs, I'm going to make herb butters and salts as well.

 I love spending my time doing these simple things and what's even better is I can pass these things onto my girls and get them involved in being self sufficient and tasting the difference between home grown and made to processed shop bought items. They have children as well and they are wanting to provide the best for them so they are choosing the healthier options.

My corn crop is going well and Rosie loves being with me as I work in the garden. I'm quiet please in how the garden is going, I did have high expectations at the beginning of the season and I did face a few problems but I am now picking the fruits of my labour.

 This is my bean teepee made from tree branches. My first planting of beans was a disaster, I think the seeds were eaten  before they could get out of the ground. Some did surfaced but were either killed off by the frost or were eaten just as they were about to take off. There is just over 7 weeks of summer left maybe the growing season will be a bit longer with this hot weather at the moment, lets hope so.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"