11 January, 2014

I love this life

I just love this life on the farm more and more each day. The morning starts with the milking of the goats and the tendering to all the animals eagerly awaiting for their breakfast, the smells and noises as breakfast is serve to all of them waiting is amazing, you definitely feel loved.

 I seem to always be in the kitchen at the moment, which I just love, there is always bread to be made, morning and afternoon teas and lunch to be made for a very hard working and hungry husband. With funds a bit tight at the moment I make my own dog food, it's just basically pasta, veggies, garlic, stock and mince. They also get raw meat bones every now and then. Living in a rural area we have a lot of problems with feral pigs and kangaroos and farmers are allowed to cull a certain number on their farms which brings me to the point were I will be culling a few for my dogs. My kids bought me a oven smoker for Christmas and I'm thinking about smoking and drying roo (kangaroo) meat and bones which would be cheaper and healthier.

On another note my tomatoes still haven't ripened, I feel this has been the longest season ever but thankfully someone on my facebook call out has agreed to swap some cherry tomatoes for some fresh chook eggs, way to go. I've been hanging for the sweet juicy flavoursome taste of home grown tomatoes. I've just started to pick the cucumbers and it won't belong and I'll be making bread and butter pickles, so yummy.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"