07 July, 2011

Meet Bentley

Hi Everyone, I would like you to meet Bentley. Bentley is my 4th grandbaby and my youngest daughters first baby. It was Jess and Bentley that were home alone on the night the fire broke out in the roof. Bentley was laying in his bouncer on top of the kitchen table in front of the fire playing with his turtle and Jess went out to get more wood for the fire. As she return she looked up and saw flames coming from the laundry roof and ran frantically inside scooping up Bentley, rang tripple "0" and ran out the door screeming for help while running down the street.
Our next door neighbours, Nick and Hendo were packing to go away, Hendo was outside packing the car and thought he heard a fox screaming and it wasn't until he took off his beanine that he could hear Jess screaming. Hendo looked across to our property and he could clearly see our house now in flames, he yells out to Jess if she had the baby, Jess screams back that she had. I know my heart beat skipped when Jess told me about this. Nick and Hendo jump in their car and raced to our house and Jess continued running down the road with Bentley in her arms to another neighbours house. We live near a village so there a few neighbours in the street but this night most of them were either out or had gone away, Jess went to a neighbours house banging on the door but no one was not home, their door was unlocked so Jess went in and grabed a sheet to wrap Bentley in because it was the coldest day on record for the month.
By this time the the call for tripple "0" had reached our local fire department and the firemen (our neighbours/farmers) are called out, the fire trucks are in our village next door to the house Jess was in at present. When one of the neighbours received the call for the fire and was getting in his car his to go his wife heard Jess out in the street in distress and went to her aid and took her and Bentley inside out of the cold.
Jess's partner by this time was on his way home and he said when he came around the corner and saw the flames coming out of the house he couldn't believe his eyes.

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