22 July, 2011


I really enjoy my blog, and I like sitting down and updating what has been going on, like my dairy goats, my veggie patch, the task of rebuilding a new house etc but some days life is soooo full of many things that you need to just sit down and reflect on what is precious to you and how you can treasure every moment the best you can. This week one of my granddaughters was in hospital with a chest infection, tonsillitis and possible asthma. She has been sick on and off for a few months with chest infections and having chest x-rays and I think her immune system has been run down but thankfully with a spell in hospital with a intravenous antibiotics and on Ventolin she is now on the road to recovery. I looked after her on Thursday while mum had a work commitment and we had a lovely day together, she is absolutely gorgeous with a infectious smile and beautiful red curly hair.  While I was down there I went to see my son, who has been upset with the recent death of a very good friend last Saturday night. They were out with a group of his friends  and this young man decide to walk home and was accidentally ran over by a taxi. He was 33 and had two young girls, his funeral was today and I went to pray for and show respect for his family and to support my son. My son is finding it difficult understanding why such a caring and great guy could be taken so young. Life is full of so many hard and difficult questions yet thankfully there are many opportunities for them to be answered.
On my way home, which was like a three hour trip I had the opportunity to pick up a cot from one of my suppliers for my littlest grandson, who as been sleeping in a porta cot since our house burnt down some eight weeks ago. To his mothers delight he is now snuggling in his warm and cosy bed and hopefully will blissfully sleep through the night. As I started this post my thoughts are to remind myself and encourage every one to be thankful and enjoy everyday you have and to show love to those who you love.

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Michelle said...

You are such a bright light; a true and faithful witness to what faith in God can do. Thank-you!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"