28 July, 2011

The Fire

The fire was now out of control, once it gets in the roof it spreads very quickly.My two neighbours and Jess's partner tried to contain it but it was no use, but fortunately the local fire brigade had just arrived and it took them no time to jump into action. They cut down the fence and started pumping water from the dam onto the flames, mind you during this time some of them where pulling out as much of our furniture as they could. Some of the guys knew the layout of our house so they worked together dragging out beds, cupboards, chairs, appliances, clothes, toys, baby gear, pictures whatever they could put their hands on as quickly as possible. Mind you it did start to rain later on in the evening, I remember snuggled up to Dave in bed at a neighbours place listening to rain and thinking of our furniture under makeshift tarps in the rain.

The Kitchen area

During this time my daughter had been trying to contact Dave and myself for about half an hour, we were oblivious to what was going on. Jess had rang her brother and sister and they were trying to get hold of us, I had put my phone on silent as we were at a study group. During our break time I notice my missed calls and as I picked up my phone Jess rang, she was telling me the house was burning and I'm saying don't be silly only because Jess sometimes jokes around and I had spoken to her forty minuets before, anyway she starts crying and then I hear my neighbour talking on the phone and my jaw dropped and my heart sank as I heard Jess crying in the back ground..
 Note: I am never putting my phone on silent in my bag again.
The spare room

After pulling myself together and relaying to the people around me that my house was burning down and that Jess and Bentley were safe at a neighbours house we had a prayer together and then just literally hit the road. I tell you it was a long drive home and thoughts were running wild in my head. As we drew closer my heart was pounding and we were anticipating what we were going to see but as we turn the last corner the flashing lights of fire trucks, police cars and ambulance were just like something you see in a Bruce Willis movie. ..................TO BE CONTINUED

My littlest granddaughter is just getting over a stay in hospital with tonsillitis, a chest infection and possibly asthma. This winter has seemed to have hit nearly everyone hard some way or another and I know for one  am looking forward to some good rain and warmer weather.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"