04 June, 2011

The Day We Will Not Forget!

May the 11th is a day we will probably not forget, it was the day my daughter was home alone with her baby and the house caught fire and after ringing tripple 0 ran down the street screaming for help.

Life has been busy and I haven't had time to keep my blog upto date but now I would like to over the next few months share the day the fire devour our house, the amazing people who came to our rescue, our neighbours and friends who have shown love, generosity and their time through the last few weeks, our Church family who have prayed and supported us. Another thing I would like to share is the demolishing and rebuilding of our house as well as our lives.


Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh how devastating! This is terrible news.

So glad that no one was hurt, that is the main thing, but it is a big job to try and rebuild everything.

Wishing you all the best,


rhonda jean said...

Oh no! Thank goodness your daughter and her baby are unharmed. I'm glad you're surrounded with good neighbours and friends. I wish you the best with the rebuilding.

Michelle said...

No WONDER you haven't been blogging!!! Glad to hear everyone is safe, but it must still be quite a shock to your system. Hugs and prayers!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

OH NO!!! I'm so sorry! I know you spent a lot of time, money and hard work remodeling your house.
Not the best way to be coming back to blogging, but I'm glad you're back and look forward to catching up with you. Writing about your experiences will probably be cathartic and healing for you, too.

Take Care,

Tracy said...

Sue I'm glad to hear that no one was hurt in the fire. I wish you well with the rebuilding.

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