27 May, 2010

I'm SO Excited!

After living so long with renovations going on and having no time and sometimes no money to progress with them we have come to the decision that we are sick of living in a house that is upside down. We are now on a mission because my eldest daughter who just had her first baby has asked to come up and stay with us for a week, so this made us go into overdrive. Don't you love it when you have something to strive for, it seems to give you a mission that has to be completed quickly.

Above picture is the back end of our house where our laundry and bathroom is, it looks a mess I know but now the wall is up the door is on and the gyprock has now been completed and hubby is starting to put in cupboards.

Check out that cupboard space, I am so excited that I am getting so much ..... a girl can never have enough cupboard space.

I can store a lot in these cupboards but wait there's more....

This side will have my washing machine, laundry tub, bench space and overhead cupboards.

Hubby made the cupboards himself and he will make the doors, skirting and architraves as well. These will be painted a cream and have that shabby chic look to match the bathroom ,the floor will be tiled and I'm not sure what colour to paint the walls yet

This is Scooby, he likes to hang around and see what is going on like the other three below.

As you walk out the back door you see part of my veggie patch which is looking like a wreck, anyway after we have finished the inside we plan to put decks around the house so when you walk out the back door there will be a deck and I will be able to look over my fruitful garden, perfect!

These little ones are over the renovations as well, there has been a lot of hammering and banging as well as electric nail guns and jack hammers in the house that these poor little doggies run to high ground or race to sit on my lap.

This is the back of the fire place which is in the laundry, I mention in an earlier post that we had a bit of trouble putting the flute in and had to jack hammer the back wall out. Well this is going to be modified to make an enclosed oven, I don't have a lot of details on this one so will have to just wait and see.

The Church is still going really well and we should be able to have our first worship services in a few weeks in the main building. The drive way will be in soon and then we can start planting plants on that top bank on the right in the picture.

The brick work has been started in the front building as well as the gyprock.
This is the entry to the front building where the offices, meeting room, toilets & showers, kitchen and cafe will be as well as a library/gift shop. So you see there is so much going on and that is why I'm SO excited :)


Michelle said...

You DO have a lot of exciting progress in your life! So many people never get around to finishing things until they are going to sell their house, so I'm glad your daughter is giving you the impetus to get things done so YOU can enjoy them!

white_lilly said...

Thank you Michelle, I'm really looking forward to my daughter and grandaughter coming up and also having a house that I can relax in and everything in its place :)

Tracy said...

I think your dedication and patience restoring your farmhouse is great. A deadline though is a good thing to have. Best wishes.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"