17 May, 2010

Cold and Frosty

We have had a couple of heavy frost and a couple of days below -3degrees. I love my Lincoln rose and it looks even more beautiful with the frosty crystals on it.

The outside dogs arn't real impressed with these frosty mornings and usually anticipate the sun coming up and radiating that glorious heat.

The little ones on the other hand can't wait for the fire to be lit so they can bed themselves snugly in front.

You just have to get the right position before you settle down, that's what Abbey is doing here. She does have a bean bag under our bed and when we go to bed she will sometimes take a good
5 mins to move those beans around and get into a comfortable position. Sometimes it drives us crazy and we usually yell out "go to bed Abbey"

These two are sisters and love each other so much. :) Doesn't Abbey look cute in her jumper :)

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"