24 April, 2010

Home is where the heart is!

I left early to go to Sydney on Thursday and hit the peak hour traffic of kangaroos, I didn't hit any but between the kangaroos, pot holes and early morning mist I was ducking and weaving. The morning was delicious as the mist sat in the valleys and it was beautiful to watch the sun rising.
This road (track) I drive on for about 20kms is really lovely and it has some beautiful views, I knew it wouldn't be long and I will be in thick of Sydney traffic and crazy people rushing to and fro.

No this is not the real Harbour Bridge it is a replica in a car yard,

The noise, traffic and the hustle and bustle of Sydney does not sit with me anymore and I sometimes can't wait to get out of there. My children live down here but hopefully in a few years they will find there way out to the country, but for now I don't mind the travelling as long as I have what awaits me at home.

As the sun was setting I was on my way home, the place where my hubby and heart is :)

The memory of traffic, smog, horns sounding and people rushing here and there are now distant as look to the horizon of my little village where my animals will greet me wide smiles and my hubby with a big cup of tea:)


Michelle said...

Lovely sentiments. Wish you'd get a photo of those roos bounding across the road for those of us who only see them in zoos! Hope you don't mind me saying that I can't wait for you to change your background; I find it very hard to read the words with a black-spotted dark green background.

Out Back said...

What lovely pictures in this post, of the country that is...I can't say that I like the city either.

I really like the first photo, you captured it well.

The photos displayed the differences between city and country beautifully.

Take care,

white_lilly said...

Hi Michelle, I will have to take a video of my trip, apart from being a bit nerve racking it it really lovely seeing the roos come jumping out or along the side of the car.

I just changed my background for you, I suppose when you look at it long enough you start seeing spots :)

Hi Tania, I loved the mist sitting in the valley.


Michelle said...

Oh thank-you! So much easier on my middle-aged eyes (and a lovely choice, too)!

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"