13 April, 2010

Sheep and a Room with a View

The sheep are doing a really good job eating down those weeds, before you couldn't walk in there it was just a jungle, now at least I can get in there and start preparing the beds for next season and tidy things up. I'm hoping.....no I plan to get my raised beds up and ready this winter for next spring. I thought I might use some of the old corrugated tin for the beds, I should get at least ten good size beds.
There are four sheep there, one had fly strike which we had to treat and now her wool is starting to fall off around that area but she is now a lot happier and more comfortable.

We have moved one of the bedrooms and opened up the room to make it an extension of the lounge room which was quiet dark. Dave found a window on eBay at a fantastic price , it came with fly screen and vertical drapes it has opened up this room with so much light. Look at the beautiful view with have now and Dave said he was going to build a seat beneath the window for our three little dogs to look out of ( you should have seen the smiles on their faces :)

The guys insulated and gyrocked (plastered)the room last night, I can't believe the difference it has made. The bedroom that was moved to the side of the house has a little combustion stove and will look really cosy as a guest room, I can't wait to decorate it.


Michelle said...

I'm not sure I've seen your sheep before; what helpers they are! And your new room with a view looks GREAT.

Out Back said...

It's handy to have builders in the family....lucky you.

The room is looking good and that window is a beauty, eBay is good when you can find the things you are looking for.

Nosey sheep you have there.

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your grandchild, glad all went well.

Take care,

white_lilly said...

Hi Michelle, I loved your videos of your lambs, we have about thirty ewes and lambs on our property they are not loved as much as yours are :)

Hi Tania, I am blessed with a handy hubby and I am pleased my sheep can help me out in the veggie patch.

My new little grand baby is doing well :)


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"