15 April, 2010

Church Update!

Our new Church is progressing really well and there have been big changes every week. My eyes just get bigger and bigger when I go up there to take pictures, the three separate buildings are now coming together as one and it is looking fantastic. We have a main front building that will have a main office, meeting room, two smaller offices, a gift/book shop, toilets and showers, a commercial kitchen, cafe and seating area. The back building on the right will be the main Worship Hall with a huge stage area, two small rooms either side of the stage, a cry room and a area set up for sound and lighting. The other main building on the left will be the Junior Hall which will have storage and toilet/disable toilet. The most amazing thing with these two buildings is that they are separate but are joined by a walk way in the middle which will have a awing/shutter system overhead and their doors can be opened up wide allowing it to be one huge room.

This picture shows the two buildings and the above is the awning and the openings is where the doors will be, each building can hold about 250 people.

All the trade people and contractors have been working really well together (thank goodness) and the building is moving along in leaps and bounds.

It is amazing thinking back to the early stages of planning this Church on paper and now seeing it all unfolding and I am so excited thinking about when we finally get to move into our New Church and I know that there are people in our community who don't go to Church yet but are waiting for the Church to be finished so they can come.

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Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"