14 January, 2009

I'll have Cheese with my Whine! and MORE!

Last year I was on the front page of our local paper talking about the condition of the major round about that is at the entry of our town which happens to be where our business is located. On one corner is our business across the road is (Ronald) McDonald s then over from them is our Fire Station and on the remaining corner is our local tennis courts. Well the RTA has agreed for the round about to be fixed and the Council has notified that it will be closing the access for the round about in the beginning of February for up to 3 weeks. They have been digging up just down the road from me and have now ventured up to the round about, as the picture shows they have started digging it up. It won't be long and I will be surrounded by rubble, pounding machinary, trucks, workers and a lot of dust. I am glad the round about is getting fixed as it is disgusting, unsafe and not very pleasant as you are entering in to a town but I'm not looking forward to the daily noise and dust and not to mention my business suffering and the inconvience for my customers thats if I get any :(
Well I think I'm done with my whining for the day I'll have my cheese and crackers later :)

I've decided to participate in Jenny Wrens A day in my life which I will post on the 14th of every month about my day. I will journal what happens in that whole day and record in on the next days post.

It will be interesting to look back over at the end of the year and see if my days have change, I am sure they will have because I have lost the use of the word normal in my life and no two days are the same and I hope I'm not scaring you. Anyway hop over to Jenny Wrens and see who else are partakers of this great idea:)


Grammy said...

I pray your business will not suffer.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh pooh! I sure hope the construction goes quickly and doesn't affect your business.
Maybe you could have a 'Construction Sale' just to get customers into visit?

Hang in there :)

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"