11 January, 2009

Garden pleasures

These are my hydrangeas I picked this morning and the beautiful smelling Lincoln Rose. I just love when my garden produces flowers I can admire and display in my home. My garden had been through a drought and harsh weather and was looking just like that, until my lovely neighbour encourage me to get clippings and to just plant them into pots until they were established enough to be planted. Well as I looked at my stick plants sitting in my pots looking rather glum , the stick and me I thought no way was the stick going to give me a beautiful garden. Well I water these sticks and buds started to grow and little green shoots were coming from these sticks and before I knew it they were growing. I have now planted these cuttings and they are now big healthy plants.

One of my favourite (sticks) cuttings I have produce from is the Buddleia. They have a tubular flower that is attractive to butterflys, it grows upto 5m high, most flowers are lavender or purple but can vary in colour from white through to pink and mauve. When they are in flower they look fantastic and I just love them and I now have a garden that produces amazing beauty for me to admire what more could you ask for :)


Grammy said...

Who wonderful ! They look so pretty in your display.

Grammy said...

Sorry my spelling is not working tonight. I meant

white_lilly said...

Thank you Ernie, Hope you have been enjoying new little grand daughter

Anonymous said...

Your 'sticks' look lovely. Have a lovely day.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"