17 January, 2009

Celebrations of the Heart

I want to share another poem from Helen Steiner Rice's collection of poetry in Celebrations of the Heart. This lady has a beautiful and sensitive way with words that just touches your heart.

A Pattern for the New Year

"Love one another
as I have loved you"

May seen a task
impossible to do,

But if you will try
to trust and believe,

Great are the joys
that you will receive.

For love makes us patient,
understanding, and kind,

And we judge with our heart
and not with our mind.

For as soon as love enters
the heart's opened door,

The faults we once saw
are not there anymore,

And the things that seemed wrong
begin to look right

When viewed in the softness
of love's gently light.

Love works in ways
that are wondrous and strange,

for there is nothing in life
that love cannot change,

And all that God promised
will someday come true

When you love one another
the way He loved you


Grammy said...

This is a wonderful poem. Thanks for sharing it.
Have a great week end.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awwwww, that's beautiful. And there could not be more true words.


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"