15 January, 2009

A Day In My Life

I've decided to participate in Little Jenny Wrens A Day In My Life which I am excited about. I find I am enjoying the time I spend on the computer and working on my blog so off we go to see how the day went.

After a good nights sleep I was up at 6am and welcomed the three little ones (dogs) that are scattered around our room in their beds and let them outside. I left Dave for a sleep in and went to do my morning chores. I greeted the two bigger dogs outside and gave the cats their biscuits.
The day was going to be a scorcher to I changed the chooks water and fed them. Some of the hens are sitting on eggs so I checked them also to see if any have hatched.

I gave the garden a good watering and checked the peach tree which is nearly ready to be picked. Dave was now up and was watering the front yard plants. I popped inside to put the porridge on and finished helping Dave with watering. We have a huge dam up in the top paddock and the water is gravity fed which is good to be able to do extra watering on these hot days.

Time to go inside and have breakfast together, after tidying the kitchen I was off to get ready for work. I help Dave load my truck with a cupboard that I was going to deliver today for a customer. It was water damaged and needed to be repaired and stained a job which we don't normally do but the customers were very nice a appreciative. Anyway I delivered that in the morning and the customer was very happy and thankful.

I Opened up the shop for business and made a few phone calls did a bit of book work and general duties. The day was heating up and the fan was just moving the warm air around. Because the day was in the high 30's the shop was a bit quiet so I did a bit of work on my blog which is always fun.


The local council worked all day in that heat wave doing the road works on the round about. It was so hot I felt sorry for them.

This truck below was trying to maneuver around but was having a bit of difficulty. Having the shop on the corner I see a lot of things happen and many wide and really large loaded trucks go through. We have a few mines around us and some times they haul the really extra large dozers and machinery they use at the mines through the round about and it is just amazing looking at the enormity of them.

I usually take my lunch to work and today I had home grown roast beef on a wholemeal roll with homemade pickles and homegrown cucumber and of course a cup of coffee. Yummy!

After a long hot day I closed the shop at about 5pm went to visit my daughter who was staying in town with a friend for a catch up and a hug then I was off to fill up my water bottles for home.
There is a water main in town for people to fill up from and I usually fill up once a week, this water I use for my washing machine. It doesn't take long to fill up and I'm off home which is a 54km drive on dirt and tar roads.

It was good to get home and relax in the coolness of the house and put my feet up for a few minutes. Dave and I wandered around outside in the coolness of the night and a light breeze was starting to blow the temperature was still 30 degrees. We had a light dinner, I made Dave toasted roast beef sandwiches and I had boiled eggs.
We decided to give the dogs a bath they were hot and bothered and a little on the nose. I have a hose in the shower so I washed them and Dave rubbed them down, there were smiley faces everywhere :)

A nice cup of tea on the lounge, a little bit of TV to unwind then it was off to bed


Out Back said...

Hi there,

Have just found your blog and will be back later to finish reading.

I am flat out preserving nectarines atm. Just had a lunch break.

Thank you for leaving comment on my blog, I appreciate knowing that you were there.

I have recently made some of Rhonda's B& B cucumbers and will be making some more. Can't get celery seed here though. City of 13,000 people and no celery seed! Can u believe it? So I have rang my mum in a nearby country town to send me some. They are yummy done this way. (I just left the seeds out). I posted a picture on a recent post.

I have enjoyed reading about your day.


ps love the "bend in the road poem" BEAUTIFUL and true when you think about it.

Grammy said...

I enjoyed hearing of your day. I so love your garden. The round tubs are they roof tin. And how did you get so much dirt for them?
I love to see your photos. Your furniture is amazing. I love the glass and all the details in them. I also think your lunch looked so yummy. I saw you have small hillside's around the town . I thought it would be a flatter area. I so love to learn of your country. It has always been on my dream list to see. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

white_lilly said...

Hi Tania, I loved reading your blog and will be back again. I'm amazed how much you grow with your red earth. I just realized that you did write about B & B cucumbers on your blog how observant of me:)

I will be going flat out with buckets of peaches to bottle and jam tonight.

white_lilly said...

Good day Ernie, the round tubs are old water tanks that have been cut in half and filled up with soil and sheep manure. The area I live is beautiful with mountains and hills, I will have to post more pictures of the countryside so that you can see for yourself how beautiful Australia really is.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lovely recounting of your day. I felt like I was walking right beside you seeing what you saw...and feeling the stifling heat.
By the way how's your daughter doing. I hope she and your son-in-law are both doing well. :)

Stay cool and have a beautiful weekend,

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"