31 January, 2009

Computer problems and Zuchinni cake

This is a really old photo from 2005 when we were doing our front fence. Dave and I are hands on people and we try to do everything we can ourselves and using whatever material available, this way we have saved thousands of dollars.
I have been having computer problems so I shipped it off to a friend who has more expertise in the matter and I'm using an older one which is so slow plus I can''t seem to down load my photos thats why I stuck that old photo up there because a post doesn't look good without some sort of picture. How frustrating when I have so much going on and want to put it down on here but to no avail. Oh well I will just have to be patient and catch up later.

The days have been really hot but not as hot as other states, we have been having 33 to 38 degree days and other states are well up in the 42 to 46 degrees. I went out blackberrry picking last night and picked about 3kgs of blackberries which I will make into blackberry pies. The kids had their first blackberry fight for the season and they were covered in blackberries and there faces and hands were a crimson red it was so funny to watch and they had a ball. When I can down load my photos you will see :) We will be picking again tonight, I think I will use this batch for syrup. I have had such a glut with zuchinni that I have decided to make zuchinni cakes which I have been avoiding because I thought they would be bland but through a good neighbour I have the most delicious zuchinni cake recipe. I'm eating it right now...yum! It takes about 500g of shreddard zuchinni and is so moist and tasty it will definetly be a regular. Again I have photos but we will have to wait till I can download them but they will be worth the wait...YUM


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Pictures or not, it's still great to hear from you. I do like that picture of building a fence, though. I'd love to see the after shot sometime. :)

Sorry about the computer troubles. I had a few the other day when I coulnd't even get internet at all for about 24 hours. How unbearable! lol :)

I don't like zuchinni, except in cakes or bread. Yummo!
And I adore blackberry syrup and jam! How lucky you are to have access to blackberries. And what fun for the kids to be able to have fun with them. hehe!


Grammy said...

Oh what fun, I can't wait to see the photos. I can imagine what they look like. hehehe. I love zucchini bread the recipe I use makes it taste like a yummy cake. I found a recipe for chocolate cake. And can hardly wait for next years zucchini harvest to try it. I dehydrated my surplus from last summer. I add it to soup or stew. Hope you get your computer back soon. I know how hard it is to deal with an older one.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

By the way, stop by my blog, as I've got a goodie for you :)


Wendy said...

Ummmm - blackberries! How about I'll send you some snow and you can send me some blackberries? LOL!
Oh computer problems are the pits! I hope you get yours fixed soon.

white_lilly said...

Hi Lisa, I think I have found away to get my photos on my computer so I'm going to give it a go otherwise I'm not going to get my computer back for a few weeks :(

Hi Ernie, I have some great photos of blackberry picking and of my zuchinni cake and also of my rennovations :)

Hi Wendy, I would love some snow right now to roll in LOL


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"