14 August, 2009

Demolishing the old house!

I just love the Australian bush ! This block of 10 acres I was walking over yesterday was just beautiful, I noticed quiet a few wattle trees around that are really pretty with their yellow flowers. This block of land is where the Church is going to be built and we are at present demolishing an old house that needs to be pulled down for the church to be built.
As we demolish this old house some of the material such as the roof iron will be given away to an old couple that need to repair their roof and the rest will be used for another shed that will be built, the timber frame work will be cut off in sections and loaded onto the truck and used later for the frame work for another shed, the roof timber will be use for frame work for something or another, the sand stock bricks that can be salvaged from the house will be given to a gentleman who will use them for his own purpose, a lot of the steel, copper and other metals that can be salvaged will be sold as scrap and the monies will go into the church kitty. The water tanks will do really nicely in my veggie patch as raised beds.
I suppose it will take a little longer to demolish this house but it will be organized and most of the materials will be recycled and re-used which is a win win situation. Once the house is dismantled as much as possible my son will be in with his machine to pull down the rest and remove the rubble that will be used as fill. I will have pictures of his handy work on Tuesday.
It is going to exciting seeing our new Church built and for us to have a major part in its construction. I will have photos of its progress over the next few months and of its final completion and the Grand Opening! :)


Grammy said...

How wonderful to recycle and reuse most of the materials. I am so glad to here this, And happy you will be a part of the build too. It will be a historical adventure.
Missed ya.

white_lilly said...

Oh Hi Ernie, I have missed you too
Hope all is going well for you. Next year will be the church's
60th Anniverasry so we will be planning a grand opening


Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"