19 August, 2009

My daughter enjoyed spending time with her brother and riding in his truck

My son had a busy day removing rubble, making a retention pit and cleaning up the building site of the old house that was demolished.

My son loved playing with his trucks when he was little, I knew when he grew up he would have a job driving or operating this sort of machinery :)

All done! for now that is. There is so much work that goes into building a commercial building which I didn't realise but am finding out now. My cousin was the Architect for the church design and considering being on a tight budget the design is really appealing and different. There are so many concepts in the design I will have to show you later as it all unfolds. For the construction you need the expertise of many consultants such as engineers, surveyors, plumbers, fire and safety consultants, consultants for the road works, sewer works etc and the list goes on. By the time this church is built I will have a good grip on how and what goes on with building a church or anything else. My little job in the scheme of things so far is mainly ringing people, emailing, faxing or posting plans relaying information etc and once the church has its meeting and agrees on the final plans and quotes and the budget is fine tuned then the green light will be given and then the church will be started yippee!

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Grammy said...

It is amazing how fast a building can go down with one machine. I have see this happen. Your son is wonderful to help. I look forward to seeing your new church be built. Have a great week.
Big hug.

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"

Farewell "Buddy Surprise"