08 April, 2009

Custom Made Bookcases

This is a huge bookcase unit we installed over the weekend. We made them in four pieces, put each one in place, screwed and bolted them for stability and finished off with skirting and beading. So they now look like they have always been there. The one above the door was a really tight squeeze as there was a air vent on the left of it, mind you the ceilings were 13ft high and the guys who helped us had to climb on ladders and lift this bookcase high above their heads. real scary stuff. We started Saturday afternoon and left the peoples home at 11pm then we went back again on Sunday because they had to go out and we didn't leave till we had finished and that was 12am and by the time we got home it was 1am. On the Sunday I made a beef stew and put it in the crock pot not knowing what time we would get home to eat it, so after six hours cooking it was delicious.

You can't see in the pictures I took but there is a fireplace in the middle with a huge mirror above
The bookcase above is also for a TV to sit on, we had a few hiccups but sorted them out thank goodness. The couple were thrilled with their bookcase and with the service we gave them that they can't wait to tell their family and friends and hopefully pass some business onto us :)


Marilyn said...

What a marvellous idea! What are you doing for Easter. I have a daughter and granddaughter coming home so that will keep me busy. Have a lovely Easter. Marilyn

Wendy said...

What a nice set of bookcases you made! They are really awesome. I love clean, white shelves, bookcases and decor. You've put a lot of work into this. Whew!
Have a happy Easter.

white_lilly said...

Hi Marilyn! I know you will have a lovely Easter with your daughter and granddaughter, I have one of my daughters up for about a week which will be nice.We will be going to play bingo at the local hall and join in a spit roast.Any way hears to a nice Easter for both us.

white_lilly said...

Hi Wendy! Thank you.the bookcase look really nice in white. Have a lovely Easter.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is just lovely!

Just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER!!


Our Red House said...

That bookcase looks fantastic. What a great idea to build it over a door.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

One word: Wowzers! That is an amazing book case! I love it! Would love to have it in my home, too. Such quality!

So, with Daylight Savings, do more roos come out to the roads, or it that they get hit because it is darker earlier and people are on the roads then?


Thomas Taylor said...

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Vivek Sharma said...

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